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These are the 10 most beautiful walking tours on the Veluwe

Walking tours on the Veluwe

Do you like walking? In that case, a holiday on the Veluwe is always a good idea. With many nature reserves, sprawling heaths and hectares of forests, this region in its own country is a dream for every hiking enthusiast. From your chalet on the Veluwe, you and your traveling companions will discover a new walking tour every day. Whether you are on a weekend break or a two week holiday, you will almost never be done exploring. That's why we have listed the 10 most beautiful walking tours on the Veluwe for you.

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Tour 1 - Deelerwoud

Deelerwoud is a beautiful natural area to go walking. This park is located between the well-known Hoge Veluwe National Park and Veluwezoom and is a perfect alternative for when you want to walk in all serenity. A nine-kilometer walking tour leads you through large forests and endless heaths. Track down the posts marked with green to follow this tour.

Tour 2 - Spotting wildlife in Ede

Do you want to combine a walk through the natural landscapes of the Veluwe with spotting animals? In that case it would be a good idea to go on a historic walking tour Planken Wambuis through the natural reserve with the same name.. During this 4.5 kilometer walk you will see horses, cattle and red deer along the way. Download the NatuurRoutes app by Natuurmonumenten, so you know exactly where to turn right or left.

Would you like to combine this walking tour on the Veluwe with a holiday or weekend getaway? Then opt for a stay at Bospark Ede or Recreational Park ‘t Gelloo. From these wooded parks you can easily drive to the parking area of nature reserve "Planken en Wambuis" where you can begin your walk.

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Tour 3 - From Lunteren to Scherpenzeel

During a holiday on the Veluwe it is also a lot of fun to discover the authentic villages. Forget about the nature reserves for a while and walk from Lunteren to Scherpenzeel. Of course you will pass through varied landscapes, but Scherpenzeel is your final destination. Along the way, you will also pass a small castle in Bruinhorst. An ideal place to rest for a while. This walking tour is almost 15 kilometers long and therefore rather challenging. Spend the night? It can be done in Lunteren at Landgoed de Scheleberg.

Tour 4 - NS walk on the Veluwezoom

Are you familiar with NS Walks? We are loving them! During these walks you walk from one train station to the next. This way you do not only get to know new cities, but you also discover the most beautiful places in nature. There is a variety of NS walks crossing the Veluwe.

Our favorite one is the NS Walk Veluwezoom . Get on the train to Dieren and walk to the train station of Rheden or Velp. This particular walk a lot of people describe as one of the best NS walks. You will not only get familiar with the versatile landscapes of the Veluwe, but also walk through the former hunting grounds of the Princes of Orange. It is a tough walk with climbs and descends, but afterwards you can settle down tired and happy in your holiday home on the Veluwe.

Tour 5 - Sand drifts in Kootwijkerzand

When we write about the most beautiful walking tours on the Veluwe, a stroll through Kootwijkerzand is a must. This is the largest drift sand area in Western Europe and it really feels like you're in the desert. Visit the natural reserve and pick a beautiful tour. In any case you should climb the watchtower in Kootwijkerzand and look out over the Veluwe.

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Tour 6 - City tour through Apeldoorn

Apeldoorn is a beautiful city and it is a joy to explore it as a couple. Recreational Park Beekbergen is one of our five holiday parks on the Veluwe. This park is located near Apeldoorn. Even while you are celebrating your holiday in a natural environment, we also recommend to go on a stroll through the city. Apeldoorn is a city with a rich history. Walk the Apeldoorn 1900 with a length of three kilometers and discover all the historic highlights of 19th-century Apeldoorn.

Tour 7 - A tour of castles in Wageningen

Royal castles in remote and peaceful locations. Are you also an admirer of them? Then Wageningen is the place to be. This city is located on the Veluwezoom, a region known for its many breathtaking castles. There are plenty of walking tours on the Veluwe that guide you past castles. For example, choose this route, which ends at Doorwerth Castle. Do you want to visit multiple castles? It is possible during a holiday at Recreational Park de Wielerbaan in Wageningen.

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Tour 8 - In memory of the Second World War

It is seven kilometers from the town of Nunspeet to Vierhouten, but we recommend to go on this 12.7 kilometer long walk. Along the way you will stop at various locations that are dedicated to the Second World War. A place that you should visit is the Hidden Village, where people in hiding hid during the war.

Tour 9 - Petting sheep in Hoog Buurlo

In the heart of the Veluwe and on a short distance from Apeldoorn, you will encounter Hoog Buurlo. This is an agricultural enclave, where you can walk surrounded by the farm animals. After arriving in this area, pick a tour. All tours are marked with a color, so you can just track down the marked posts. Do you prefer a short tour? Then the yellow tour is recommended. It is 4.5 kilometer long walk and leads you along the sheepfold, among other things.

Tour 10 - Walking with your dog in Putten

Will you be staying with your dog at a holiday park or on a campsite on the Veluwe? In that case, it is of course nice to take a walk together. Head towards Putterbos. Here you can walk through the forests and your dog can get rid of his or her energy by cutting loose in the off-leash area. It is also a nice way to get to know other vacationers.

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Which walking tour on the Veluwe do you think is the most beautiful?

Pick your favorite tour or combine several of them and enjoy a stay at one of our five holiday parks on the Veluwe. When you are at our parks, nature is always nearby, and you can also go on the most beautiful walks. In the evening you can give yourself your well-earned rest in a comfortable holiday home. Enjoy putting your feet up and wathcing your favorite series.


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