About TopParken


TopParken is a family business that was founded by Janus Bergervoet. Decades of experience, a wealth of knowledge and the exploitation of many holiday parks have made the organization a specialist in realizing high-quality holiday parks and accommodations. The organization has thus grown from a small family business into a leading player in the Dutch recreation market.

Our mission

At TopParken we do what we do to contribute to creating valuable memories. The family feeling is key, both internally and externally. This is reflected in everything we do; in our services and communication, at our holiday parks and within rental, sales and other processes.

At TopParken, homeowners and guests are truly part of our organization, of the TopParken family. The atmosphere within the organization is informal and we work every single day to provide pleasant stays, where owners and guests feel at home in our parks; at the reception, the food and drink establishments and in the holiday homes. Our goal is to allow them to fully enjoy their valuable time together with their family and/or friends. We work in a quality and service-oriented manner, taking into account people, the environment, and nature. We do all this with a lot of passion and enthusiasm; day in and day out.

Creating precious memories.

The organization

The headquarters of TopParken is located in Lunteren, at the vacation resort of Landgoed de Scheleberg. This location has a rich history, which can be seen in the appearance of the building. TopParken is a project developer and, therefore, involved in every part of the process: from purchasing an entirely new or existing vacation resort to marketing a complete and high-quality vacation resort, including infrastructure, vacation homes, and facilities.

After that, the vacation homes are put up for sale for both personal use and rental use. At TopParken, the entire rental process is taken care of by our professional, in-house rental organization: from optimizing occupancy using marketing campaigns to a professional Customer Service and Support department. In this regard, the owners' department was created specifically for all homeowners. The employees of this department are the first, permanent point of contact for questions, uncertainties, and other matters.

The management of TopParken comprises the Bergervoet family. They manage the organization in close cooperation with a complete management team comprised of various professionals.

From buying bare plots of land in unique locations to offering fully equipped holiday parks.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

At TopParken we strive every day to find the perfect balance between people, nature and the environment. Both at our vacation parks and at headquarters. For example, our vacation parks are aimed at causing as little inconvenience to nature as possible. We are continuously working on reducing the environmental impact and increasing the sustainable character of our company. Read more

The founders of TopParken

The TopParken group, as we know it today, was founded in 2004 by the Bergervoet family. At the time, the company was founded as a project developer and consisted of various high-quality vacation resorts and accommodations in the Netherlands.


Locations in the Netherlands

The vacation resorts of TopParken are scattered throughout the Netherlands, from the forested Veluwe to various wetland environments and from the hilly landscape of South Limburg to the peaceful Achterhoek region. To continue to respond to the current wishes and needs of the market, we are working continuously to further the development of existing and new vacation resorts.

Working at TopParken

Looking for a challenging internship or a full-/part-time job in the recreation industry? Come work with us! As an employee of TopParken you are part of the TopParken family. In addition to a pleasant working environment, you will benefit from nice extras such as a free weekend or midweek away every calendar year! And let's be honest, who can say that he/she has the real holiday feeling at work? View the overview of our job openings.

Frequently asked questions about TopParken

Who is the owner of TopParken?

The owners of TopParken are the Bergervoet family. The family founded TopParken in 2004.

Where is the headquarters of TopParken?

The TopParken headquarters is located in Lunteren, at Landgoed De Scheleberg.