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Fireworks-free holiday resortss in the Netherlands

Maybe you know the situation: your kids are afraid of the fireworks, and your pet tries to hide in the farthest corner it can find. That is no way to start the new year off right! Instead, would you rather experience a quiet and noise-free New Year's Eve? Then toast to the New Year at one of our fireworks-free resorts. Make a toast to the New Year with your friends and family without being disturbed by the loud bangs of the fireworks. At several resorts, such as Landgoed De Scheleberg and Résidence Lichtenvoorde, we even organize a special buffet for dogs.

Come and celebrate the end of the year in one of our fireworks-free resorts and enjoy a wonderful New Year's Eve without the scare of loud bangs, but with lots of fun, oliebollen, and champagne!

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Note: Our vacation resorts are completely free of fireworks. It is forbidden to light off fireworks in the resort. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that no fireworks will be set off altogether in the area.

Our firework-free vacation resorts in the Netherlands


New Year's Eve with your dog, without fireworks

If there's one thing pets are afraid of, it's fireworks. A good reason to come to a fireworks-free holiday park with your dog for New Year's Eve! Your pet is more than welcome in the holiday homes in one of our TopParken, so that you can enjoy a quiet New Year's Eve without fireworks together with your quadruped! We're certain that it will be thankful. You won't just enjoy the peace and quiet during New Year's Eve, but also the beautiful surroundings. Choose from our fireworks-free holiday parks in Gelderland, North Holland, South Holland, Limburg and Brabant.

Would you like to avoid the noise during New Year's Eve? Than come and enjoy a holiday in a holiday park without fireworks in the Netherlands. Bring your pet as well and enjoy New Year's Eve with your dog, without fireworks!

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🇳🇱 Which holiday parks in The Netherlands are fireworks-free in 2020?

Are you curious about the fireworks-free holiday parks in The Netherlands in 2020, so that you can experience a New Year's celebration that is as peaceful and free of explosions as possible? TopParken offers nine fireworks-free parks throughout The Netherlands.

🐶 What are some suitable fireworks-free holiday parks to stay at with the dog?

As a dog owner, you know like no other how your dog responds to fireworks. Choose an accommodation at a fireworks-free holiday park with your dog, when your dog is very frightened by fireworks. No fireworks are set off at nine TopParken holiday parks where you can rent a holiday home with your dog. This way, New Year's Eve will be a lot more peaceful for your dog.

😌 How do I find a fireworks-free bungalow park?

The search for a fireworks-free bungalow park in 2020 can be quite tricky. After all, you do not know the park and the area. Setting off fireworks is strictly prohibited at nine TopParken holiday parks. For instance, you can enjoy a fireworks-free New Year's celebration in Limburg at your bungalow.

👉 Tips for a fireworks-free holiday home

Are you looking for a fireworks-free holiday home? You will find fireworks-free holiday homes at nine TopParken holiday parks. This way, you, your partner and perhaps your dog, will enjoy a peaceful New Year's Eve at a fireworks-free park in Gelderland, North Holland, South Holland, Limburg and North Brabant.