Review policy

Our review policy

Within TopParken, we like to work transparently. So we list honest prices, which research by the Consumentenbond recently proved, and we like to provide insights into our review policy.

True reviews only

After a stay, holiday guests will receive a request to fill in a questionnaire through our review system. This ensures all reviews are actually written by guests.  In the questionnaire, holiday guests can, among other things, rate their overall stay at TopParken between 1 and 10, and answer the question:

"Was there something that truly made you happy or surprised you in a positive way?" 

The results will be shown as reviews* on our websiteIn addition, the reviews can also be placed with offerings of TopParken on the pages of partners.


Average grades
The average grade is calculated based on all visible reviews. Our customer service replies to all questionnaires that were filled in.

From new to old
Reviews are listed from new to old, and the average grade is highlighted on our (park) website. If paid/sponsored reviews are used, this is stated along with the relevant review. Positive reviews are highlighted on our (park) pages.

* Reviews to which one (or multiple) of the following points apply, will not be posted.

  • It constitutes spam.
  • It uses bad language.
  • It's written in a language other than Dutch, English, or German.
  • It abuses the system.
  • It discusses a holiday park other than TopParken.
  • It features sensitive private information.
  • Should there be a question/remark in the review that requires a response, then this will be taken care of directly. It's currently not possible to leave a visible response.

To prevent abuse and check the above, it can take some time before a review is visible online.