1. 12 holiday parks in the Netherlands
  2. Unique places in the midst of nature
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Bungalow specials at TopParken

Do you want an attractive bungalow special? You can book one at TopParken. At our 12 vacation resorts, you can take advantage of appealing specials and offers. Whether you book your vacation early or at the last minute: you can usually book a bungalow special with a discount! When you book through this official website, you are also always guaranteed the lowest price and will never be surprised by unexpected costs. Our bungalow specials are available at no fewer than 12 vacation resorts in the middle of nature. Do you prefer the natural Veluwe, the bustling Brabant, or the peaceful Achterhoek? There are plenty of choices for your vacation in the Netherlands!

Bungalow specials: last-minute offers

We offer attractive bungalow specials, including last-minute ones. Don't miss your chance to get the lowest price and choose the holiday park where you want to spend your holiday. What do our holiday parks have in common? They are all surrounded by beautiful nature and have excellent facilities, such as indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools, dining facilities, and sports and games facilities.

Are you booking a bungalow special last minute? Then you don't have to worry about no availability. With no less than 12 parks throughout the Netherlands, you will always find a nice bungalow. The bungalows are suitable for 2 to 14 persons and a maximum of 2 pets (in the designated bungalows). Furthermore, your bungalow is fully equipped and has a spacious garden with a terrace. Book one of our bungalow specials!


Bungalow specials at 12 vacation resorts in the Netherlands

Where can you book an attractive bungalow special? There are plenty of choices at TopParken! Will you explore the extensive heathlands and beautiful sand drifts of the Veluwe region? Or will you go for the unique bocage landscape of the Achterhoek? Both of these are favorite destinations for nature lovers. Moreover, this applies to the bungalow specials on our vacation resort in South Limburg. Other popular vacation destinations are Lake IJssel, the Esmeer, the IJssel, and the forests of North-Brabant.

You will find TopParken in:

Gelderland (Veluwe and Achterhoek)

South Holland (the IJssel)

North Holland (Lake IJssel)

South Limburg (near Valkenburg)

North Brabant (near Den Bosch)