Privacy and cookie policy TopParken 

The privacy policy set forth below applies to all services of, transactions with, agreements with and site visits to TopParken, based in Ede and place of business in (6741 KP) Lunteren, at Immenweg 15, registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 09147886. 

Version: 6-6-2018 

We respect the privacy of our customers and make sure the personal information given to us is handled confidentially at all times. How we do this exactly and what kind of personal data we gather and how we use them, is explained in this document. 

The use of personal data 
When providing our services, we obtain certain data of our relations, guests and visitors. This can be personal data. We store and use the personal data exclusively when they are directly specified by our relations, guests and visitors, in the context of the service requested by our relations, guests and visitors (for example entering an agreement or a subscription or signing up for an account), or where clearly specified when they are provided to us for processing. We will not use the obtained personal data for other purposes, unless with prior permission or when it's permitted or required by law. 

Purposes of use 
To optimally accommodate our relations, guests and visitors, it is necessary for TopParken to obtain personal data in certain instances. TopParken uses your personal data for: 

  • Customer relations, including contacting when it's requested;
  • The implementation of agreements, transactions and services;
  • Granting access to our website
  • Using the facilities on our website;
  • Obtaining insights in the use of our website;
  • Determining strategy and policy;
  • When needed to uncover wrongful behaviour regarding TopParken, its relations and its employees.

Description of the personal data 
We process the following personal data based on the purposes mentioned above: 

  • Name and address data;
  • Sex;
  • Partner, children, travel company;
  • Email address;
  • (Mobile) phone number;
  • Birth date;
  • Document number of identification;
  • Technical browser information;
  • Cookie ID;
  • Passwords.

Storage periods
We do not store the personal data longer than needed to achieve the purposes mentioned in this privacy and cookie policy. 

Camera recordings
Our property/our properties/our park/our parks/our terrains are equipped with camera systems. Recordings are made to ensure everyone's safety. The camera recordings are only accessible to authorised persons and are exclusively handed over at the request of competent authorities (e.g. security services, police). The recordings are stored by us for 21 days. There is no usage of (facial) recognition, track or trace software.

Access control
Our property/our properties/our park/our parks/our terrains are equipped with an access control system. In this manner we can register who can access certain locations at certain moments. Who is denied access and at what times is also registered. These data are only accessible to authorised personnel and will only be shared at the request of competent authorities (e.g. security services, police).
These data are stored for thirty days.

Confidentiality and disclosure to third parties 
We handle all the personal data confidentially. The personal data we collect, we do not disclose to third parties for direct marketing purposes for these parties.. Data can be disclosed to third parties in cases of bookings with affiliated partners of TopParken.

Furthermore we will not disclose the obtained personal data to other parties, unless the person in question has given permission, when it is needed in the context of fulfilling the agreement or when it is permitted or required by law. 

Data protection
TopParken uses careful safety procedures for the protection of the processed data, including to prevent unauthorised persons accessing these data. In this way, we ensure that only the necessary persons have access to the data and that this access to the personal data is protected. 

Cookies are used on our website to: 

  • Make the features of the website possible and to protect the website (technical or functional cookies);
  • Analysing the use of the website and improving the website on that basis (analytical cookies);

Cookies are small text files which can be automatically stored on or read out from your device (e.g. a PC, tablet or smart phone) when visiting a website. This occurs via the web browser on the device. The information obtained by a cookie about your usage of the website can be transferred to our own secure servers of TopParken or to those of a third party. 

Technical or functional cookies 
The main purpose of cookies is to save time and effort for the visitor. If the visitor adjusts a web page to his personal preferences for example, or if the visitor navigates in a website, these chosen settings and preferences are saved by means of cookies for future use. When the visitor revisits the website at a later time, these previously entered data can be retrieved by cookies, giving the visitor the possibility to reuse the website as was configured earlier. We use the following technical cookies: 

  • Session cookies
  • Persistent cookies

Analytical cookies 
In addition, cookies are used on our website to keep statistics. In this manner, we can get insights in the usage of our website and the efficacy of our campaigns. Among others, we use the following analytical cookies: 

  • Google Analytics;
  • Hotjar;

Social Media
Social Media links are used on our website where information on website visits is exchanged with third parties. At our website the following links are active, among others: 

  • Facebook Connect;
  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Instagram;
  • Youtube

Enabling and disabling cookies 
Everyone can choose if cookies are or are not accepted when visiting our website. At most browsers, cookies are automatically accepted, however in most cases the settings within your browser offer the option to disable the automatic acceptance of cookies (exact instructions are available on the help page in the browser). When choosing not to accept cookies when visiting our website, the full potential of the interactive functions of our website may not work properly. 

Deleting cookies 
Most cookies have an expiry date. This means they expire automatically after a certain period and do not register data from website visits any more. Cookies may be deleted manually before the expiry date has been met (exact instructions are available on the help page of your browser). 

Links to websites of third parties
Our internet pages contain links to other websites. This privacy and cookie policy is not applicable to websites of third parties which are connected to our website by means of links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties handle personal data in a confidential or secured manner. Therefore, we advise every visitor to read the privacy policy of these websites before using these websites. 

Legal rights 
Everyone can ask TopParken to give insights in the stored data of him/her. Everyone can also request TopParken to edit, move, supplement or delete these data. This by contacting us via the email address, or by calling us on +31 088 5002400 from Monday to Friday between 10.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 16.00. Our Data Protection Officer is Mr. P. de Haas.

Modifications in the privacy and cookie policy 
We preserve the right to modify this privacy and cookie policy. Modifications will be published on our website. It is recommended to consult this policy regularly. The current version and date of modification of the privacy and cookie policy is mentioned at the top of this document.

Data Protection Authority 
Naturally we will help anyone when there are complaints about the handling of the personal data. According to the privacy law, anyone has the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority against our handling of personal data. For this, we refer to the Data Protection Authority. A complaint can be filed easily via their website