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Weekend trip with your children at TopParken

A weekend trip with your children is always an excellent idea! During a weekend trip with your child, you can really make time for each other and enjoy each other's company. For a delightful weekend trip with your child, you do not need to spend a long time in the car. TopParken has two very child-friendly vacation resorts in the Netherlands for a lovely weekend trip with your children. Whether you choose a weekend trip to a vacation resort, enjoyment with your children is paramount!


What to do during a weekend away with children at TopParken

The child–friendly vacation parks from TopParken have the best facilities for young and old. This will make it a weekend you will never forget! The facilities available vary by park, but each location has a restaurant and playground, and is childproof. A swimming pool is often an important part of a vacation for children; we know that all too well! Our two child-friendly vacation parks therefore have a swimming pool. That means a lot of splashing during your weekend away! Are you exited and would you like to book a last minute weekend away with your child? That is possible! Take a look at our last minute offer right away.


Go out during a weekend away with children

Thanks to all our facilities you will not be bored during a weekend away with children. Yet our vacation parks also offer the perfect base for the best day trips! Go for example to Burgers' Zoo!

🦁 Burgers' Zoo: Animals are always loved, especially with children! Stroll through the Burgers' Bush, Ocean and Mangrove and introduce your children to a variety of animals in such an accurately simulated living environment. TopParken has no less than 5 vacation parks near Arnhem, so plenty of choice!

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