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Come, discover, and experience the Veluwe

  • 6 TopParken holiday parks in the Veluwe
  • The most beautiful spots in nature
  • In Lunteren, Ede, Garderen, Wageningen and Beekbergen

Welcome to the Veluwe

Drifting sand, beautiful forests, vast heathlands, sheep herds, and calm flowing streams... That's the Veluwe!

But the Veluwe offers more than that. Great attractions, famous museums, historic towns, modern accommodations, culinary enjoyment, and plenty of opportunities to be active in the breathtakingly beautiful Veluwe nature.

In addition to the endless opportunities for hiking and cycling, the Veluwe has an extensive network of roads for horse riding, and the lakes of the Veluwe are a holy land for water sports enthusiasts. Experience the past and present at the same time in the Veluwe. Discover the beautiful historic Veluwe villages, ancient Hanseatic cities, country estates, and castles, or visit one of the many museums.

And all that at less than an hour's drive from the big cities. Come, discover. and experience the Veluwe!

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"VisitVeluwe is the organization that put the Veluwe on the national and international map as an attractive destination for holidays, business meetings, and conferences. They did this together with the (tourist) companies and Veluwe municipalities as partners."

TopParken in the Veluwe

TopParken has no fewer than six holiday parks in the Veluwe. Enjoy the beautiful, varied nature from a holiday home, villa, or from a camping pitch. It does not matter which season it is, and whether you want to relax or just want to experience an active holiday. There is something for everyone at our holiday parks in the Veluwe.

  • Landgoed de Scheleberg in Lunteren
  • Bospark Ede in Ede
  • Recreatiepark 't Gelloo in Ede
  • Recreatiepark de Wielerbaan in Wageningen
  • Recreatiepark Beekbergen in Beekbergen
  • Resort Veluwe in Garderen

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Be surprised by the Veluwe

Because of the central location of the central location of the Veluwe, it is easy to visit from various Dutch regions. You'll be out and about in no time. That's how you'll experience that the Hoge Veluwe can offer a great week of vacation of weekend trip with lots of day trips, culture, culinary delights, and nature. At the TopParken holiday parks on the Veluwe you can stay in a comfortable and luxurious holiday house. For a little bit of extra joy you can pick a wellness holiday house with sauna, hot tub, sun shower, outdoor shower, and/or spa. When will you bring your family or friends to enjoy all the great things the Veluwe has to offer?  Check for more information.

TopParken on the Veluwe

✓ Landgoed de Scheleberg in Lunteren
✓ Bospark Ede in Ede
✓ Recreatiepark 't Gelloo in Ede
✓ Recreatiepark de Wielerbaan in Wageningen
✓ Recreatiepark Beekbergen in Beekbergen
✓ Resort Veluwe in Garderen 


Find your perfect holiday house on the Veluwe

Things to do on the Veluwe

It's challenging to list all the activities you can do, see, and experience on the Veluwe. There is so much to do that you will be short on time to do everything during your vacation.  Our vacation parks are located in five different localities, so each time you can explore a different part of this breathtaking area. There is plenty to do at the parks as well. Below we have listed 4 things to do on the Veluwe and at the parks:

    Spot the Big Five

    There are no lions or elephants, but you can spot red deer, wild board, roe deer, foxes, and badgers. 

    Visit the Kröller-Müller Museum

    It is a true jewel of coast and nature, located in the heart of the beautiful Hoge Veluwe National Park.

    Dive into the swimming pool

    Our vacation parks on the Veluwe feature an indoor and/or outside pool. View which swimming pools there are for each park.

    Visit a pleasant city

    Our tips for great cities in the area? Visit Arnhem, Ede, Lunteren, Veenendaal, Apeldoorn, Wageningen or Amersfoort!


Take a look at our holiday parks in the Veluwe


What previous guests asked us:

What makes the Veluwe a special destination to visit?

The Veluwe is primarily known for its natural beauty, the culture and history, the many recreation opportunities, the quietness and relaxation, and the high-quality TopParken holiday parks on the Veluwe.

Which activities are available on the Veluwe?

The most popular activities on the Veluwe are hiking, cycling, spotting the big five, horseback riding, visiting the kröller-müller museum, picknicking, visiting climbing forests, and enjoying water sports.