Vacation resort near Winterswijk

Vacation park in Winterswijk

  • Vacation resort in Lichtenvoorde
  • Only 15 km from Winterswijk
  • Swimming pools and bowling alleys

Vacation resort near Winterswijk

Winterswijk is a charming village in the bocage landscape of the Achterhoek, and because of its beautiful outdoor surroundings, it is a popular vacation destination. Résidence Lichtenvoorde is our vacation resort near Winterswijk. It only takes about 20 minutes of driving to get there! The bungalow resort is the perfect starting point to discover Winterswijk, Lichtenvoorde, and the Achterhoek with all the luxury and comfort at your fingertips. For example, you can stay in a luxury vacation home near Winterswijk (with a private swimming pool and a sauna). You will make the best memories here!


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Tips for your vacation near Winterswijk

There is so much to do in the area surrounding our vacation resort near Winterswijk. Its location in the middle of the Achterhoek, near the German border, and close to lovely villages such as Winterswijk and Lichtenvoorde alone offers countless possibilities. First of all, this area is extremely popular with hiking and cycling enthusiasts. The breathtaking bocage landscape allows you to truly become one with nature.

Would you like a few other tips for your vacation near Winterswijk? Speeltuin Megapret in Lievelde (2 km), Ruurlo Castle (14 km), the escape room in Winterswijk (15 km), and Klimbos in Ruurlo (18 km). And actually, thanks to the numerous facilities at the resort, you do not even need to leave your vacation home near Winterswijk. To summarize: all the ingredients for an excellent vacation are present!

A summary of our facilities:

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  • Bowling lanes
  • Catering establishments
  • Fishing possibilities
  • Playgrounds and sports fields
  • E–chopper and bicycle rental service

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Your stay at our vacation park

We have luxurious vacation homes for 2 up to 14 people at our vacation park near Winterswijk. Because the homes are completely and nicely furnished, you will immediately experience the home feeling. We also have vacation homes with a fireplace; great for the colder months. But if you want to enjoy something more luxurious, you can also rent a house with a hot tub, private swimming pool, sauna, outdoor shower, sun shower, and spa. Due to the perfect location, as mentioned earlier, all kinds of activities are available in the area. The excellent park facilities also ensure that you experience an unforgettable vacation. 


Frequently asked questions about a vacation home near Winterswijk:

✦ Where can I book a vacation home near Winterswijk with my dog?

At Résidence Lichtenvoorde, you can rent a pet-friendly cottage. In many of our vacation homes, your faithful four-legged friend is more than welcome. Please note: there is a maximum of two dogs per vacation home. Are you ready to discover the nature of the Achterhoek together?

✦ Can I rent a luxury vacation home near Winterswijk as well?

Definitely! At our bungalow resort near Winterswijk, you will find super-deluxe vacation homes and villas with a private swimming pool and a sauna. It cannot get more luxurious than that, can it? Enjoy pure relaxation in your yard with all the privacy you desire. That is the ultimate vacation experience we want to offer you.

✦ Which vacation resort near Winterswijk has a swimming pool?

Whoever says vacation says swimming for fun! Résidence Lichtenvoorde is a small-scale vacation resort with a swimming pool. Furthermore, we have not one but two swimming pools! One inside and one outside. Irrespective of the weather conditions, you can always have fun in the water.

✦ How many people does my vacation home near Winterswijk accommodate?

You can book a bungalow for 2 to as many as 14 people with us: from small-scale comfort and deluxe vacation homes to our large Superior Villas. Whether you want to spend your vacation with your partner, friends, household, family, or group of friends, there is something for everyone with us.

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