Bungalow with dog

Bungalow with the dog

  • Holiday parks in nature
  • Bungalows with enclosed yard
  • Maximum 2 pets per bungalow

Bungalow with your dog in the Netherlands

Would you like to go on a vacation in the Netherlands? Then it is lovely that your pet can come along! This way, you do not have to arrange a pet sitter, and you can enjoy your vacation with the whole family, including your four-legged friend. At TopParken, you can rent a bungalow with your dog. When booking, indicate whether your pet is coming along, and we will match you with a dog-friendly bungalow. Would you prefer a bungalow near the water with your dog, or would you rather stay in a bungalow in the Veluwe with your dog? Both are top destinations for a vacation with your dog! Other destinations are also possibilities: you can find us in Gelderland, South Limburg, North Brabant, South Holland, and North Holland. Do you have any idea where you would like to book a bungalow with your dog?


Rent a bungalow with your dog

Want to rent a pet-friendly bungalow with your dog? You will find this at TopParken. Your faithful four-legged friend is most welcome at all our holiday parks! Are you having trouble choosing between TopParken's unique holiday destinations? You really can't go wrong with all the parks: they are all located in the middle of nature, so you can take the most beautiful walks with your dog. Still, renting a bungalow on the Veluwe with your dog is one of the favorites! De Hoge Veluwe National Park is rich in moors, forests and sand drifts. You must visit the Veluwe at least once! Moreover, South Limburg, North Holland, South Limburg, the Achterhoek, and the forests of Brabant are perfect locations for renting a bungalow with your dog.

Rules about dogs at TopParken

✦ Maximum 2 pets per accommodation
✦ Please indicate when booking that your pet is coming with you
✦ The costs are about € 7.50 per pet per night

Please note: pets are not allowed in all accommodations.

Rent a bungalow with your dog

Whether you book a bungalow with your dog early or last minute, at TopParken you'll always find the bungalow of your dreams. Our bungalows are suitable for 2 to 14 persons and a maximum of 2 pets . Thanks to the complete interior, you are fully equipped. Outside there is a enclosed garden , allowing your pet to play and romp in all space. In the meantime, you can enjoy an exciting book and a good glass of wine on your terrace.

Facilities at the parks

In addition to a unique location in nature, our holiday parks offer excellent facilities, as well. Let's say there are plenty of things such as an indoor or outdoor pool, playgrounds, sports fields and lovely catering establishments. What do you think? At Parc de IJsselhoeve near Rotterdam there is even a dog playground for your four-legged friend! Do you have any idea at which park you can book a bungalow in the Netherlands with your dog (last minute)?


Where are you going to rent a bungalow with your dog?