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Celebrate freedom during Airborne Ede

Do you also find it of great importance to commemorate the brave fighters who fought for our freedom in 1944? Then visit the Airborne 2019 event in Ede on September 21. You can of course perfectly combine your visit to Airborne with a number of overnight stays at one of our beautiful holiday parks in the area. View the old planes, enjoy performances or participate in the many activities, and then unwind completely at Bospark Ede, Recreatiepark 't Gelloo, Landgoed de Scheleberg or Recreatiepark de Wielerbaan.

Our holiday parks around Airborne Ede:

  1. Bospark Ede located 5 kilometers from Airborne
  2. Recreatiepark 't Gelloo at 6.5 kilometers from Airborne
  3. Landgoed de Scheleberg 7 kilometers from Airborne
  4. Recreatiepark de Wielerbaan at 7.5 kilometers from Airborne

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Enjoy with the whole Airborne family

Regardless of which holiday park you choose, you and your whole family can enjoy the wooded area around Ede and relax before and after your visit to Airborne 2019. After a long day dedicated to parachutists and airborne landings in the beautiful Ede and on the Veluwe there is nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool or a bite to eat in the restaurant at the holiday park.

Relax in a beautiful park in a wooded area

These beautiful holiday parks are located near Ede and are of course fully equipped. Our comfortable and modern holiday homes are ideal for a relaxing weekend while visiting Airborne. In all our holiday homes you have access to a beautifully equipped living room, a modern and complete kitchen, a contemporary bathroom and a lovely outdoor area.

For example, Bospark Ede is located in the middle of the Veluwe in a beautiful wooded area. This beautiful park has a restaurant and an outdoor pool so you can relax after a day at Airborne. Or choose Recreatiepark ’t Gelloo, where you will stay in a modern holiday home with its own terrace and various sports and game activities. Or enjoy unlimited access to the many facilities, including an indoor pool, and the beautiful surroundings of Recreatiepark de Wielerbaan. Are you planning to visit some nice and picturesque villages in addition to Airborne 2019, then Landgoed de Scheleberg might be the ideal location for you to stay at. You will feel completely at home in our comfortably furnished holiday homes with private facilities during your stay on the Veluwe and your visit to Airborne 2019.

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