Spending an overnight stay near Christmas City Valkenburg

Spending an overnight stay near Christmas City Valkenburg

  • Spending an overnight stay near Christmas City Valkenburg
  • Holiday homes with wellness options
  • At 10 minutes from Christmas City Valkenburg

Spending the night near Christmas City Valkenburg at Résidence Valkenburg

The most beautiful time of year to visit Valkenburg is here! From November 15th 2024 through January 5th 2025, Valkenburg aan de Geul is a vibrant place where the Christmas activities get into full swing. The town at the Geul is fully decked out in Christmas atmosphere. Enjoy the many lights, the various Christmas markets, the music and all of the delicacies both above and below ground! Résidence Valkenburg is the ideal base camp for enjoying this enchanting Christmas city.

Tickets to the Christmas markets can be bought at the reception of the holiday park.

Taste the Christmas atmosphere! 🎄

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Renting a holiday home near Valkenburg

When you want to enjoy the enchanting Christmas atmosphere in Valkenburg, Résidence Valkenburg is the ideal holiday park in Limburg for you. From our holiday park, you can be right in the vibrant center of Valkenburg within 10 minutes by car. On top of this, you can unwind wonderfully at your holiday home after a day full of impressions.

At Résidence Valkenburg, we offer modern chalets for up to six persons that are equipped with every convenience. For instance, your holiday home near Valkenburg has a fully equipped kitchen, a pleasant living room, a beautiful bathroom and comfortable beds. An extra benefit: you can warm up at one of ur holiday homes with wellness.  It's ultimate bliss! In addition, you can enjoy something to eat and drink at the restaurant, the bar and the snack bar and the children will have an amazing time at the playground or the sports field.

What to do in Christmas City Valkenburg

During your stay at a holiday home in Valkenburg, you will not have to be bored for a moment. The entire city is bustling with Christmas activities for all age groups.  You can stroll through the beautifully decorated cities and enjoy all of the tasty treats. What makes Valkenburg's Christmas markets so unique is that they are largely situated in caves, which gives it an extra magical character. For good reason, Valkenburg's Christmas market has been a favorite to many for years now.  Would you like to visit one or several Christmas markets during your stay? You can buy tickets for them online. For most Christmas markets, it is not possible to buy a ticket at the door. In addition to Christmas markets, you can also enjoy the Christmas story, delicious delicacies and a real Christmas parade here!

Can you picture yourself strolling through stunning and enchanting Valkenburg yet? 


An impression of your weekend in Valkenburg ⤵

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Frequently asked questions about an overnight stay near Christmas City Valkenburg

Where can I rent a bungalow near Christmas City Valkenburg?

At TopParken's Résidence Valkenburg! At just 10 minutes by car from the festivities of Christmas City Valkenburg, you will find our pleasant holiday park surrounded by the hills of Limburg. You can rent a bungalow in Valkenburg with us for up to six persons and with optional wellness.

Where can I rent a home for a weekend away during Christmas City Valkenburg?

You can, at Résidence Valkenburg of TopParken. There is so much to experience in the city during Christmas City Valkenburg that a day is much too short. So make it a weekend away in Limburg! At the park itself, you can enjoy the great restaurants, sports and games facilities and a gaming room during winter.