Bungalow Valkenburg

Renting a bungalow in Valkenburg

  • Bungalows near Valkenburg (5 km)
  • For maximally 6 persons
  • Enjoy the scenic landscape

Bungalow near Valkenburg

A vacation in the scenic hilly landscape of Zuid-Limburg, where you can enjoy burgundian hospitality, many historic and present day sights and challenging bicycle routs. Who would not want that? Renting a bungalow near Valkenburg makes sure you can explore all this beauty at your leisure. You can also rent a bungalow at Résidence Valkenburg during your vacation. It is only an 8 minute drive to the Marl City Valkenburg and if you drive for another 15 minutes, you are in the very agreeable city of Maastricht. Which of these two places is your favorite? You do not have to choose, because during your week, midweek or weekend in Valkenburg in a bungalow you will discover both. But please stay a midweek or week at our TopPark Résidence Valkenburg.

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Vacation in Valkenburg in a bungalow

At our TopPark near Valkenburg, your bungalow offers place to maximally 6 persons. During your vacation in Valkenburg, you will enjoy a great mood, comfortable beds, a completely furnished kitchen and a furnished terrace outside your bungalow. Your week or weekend in Valkenburg in a bungalow extra luxurious? Choose abungalow with private wellness facilities such as a hot tub, spa, outdoor shower and/or sauna. Luxury abounds during your stay in a holiday home in Valkenburg. Do you want to take a stroll in the hilly landscape of Limburg with your dog? You can bring your dog and choose a pet-friendly bungalow!

Your bungalow near Valkenburg

  • Suitable for 2 to 6 persons
  • Two or three bedrooms
  • Parking spot near your bungalow
  • Terrace with furniture
  • Pet-free & Pet-friendly
  • Private wellness possible

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What to do during your vacation in Valkenburg?

Visiting the lively Zuid-Limburg is fun all year round. What do you think of visiting music events such as Pinkpop and André Rieu at the Vrijthof, large cycling races or a tour of the marl caves? But also the wintry events Kerstad Valkenburg and Magisch Maastricht draw a lot of visitors each year. And we have not even discussed the rich culture withhistoric and present day sights and the nice cities of Maastricht and Valkenburg where it is great shopping and extensive burgundian indulgence. You will certainly enjoy your vacation in Valkenburg.

Not only the beautiful surroundings contribute to a great vacation. The excellent park facilities of Résidence Valkenburg offer a lot of entertainment. When the temperatures allow it, it is great to splash in the outdoor pool with separate children's pool and sunbathe on the lawn. Or get busy on the field by playing a game of soccer or rent a mountain bike and take a challenging bicycle route. Do you care for a lunch, dinner, snack or refreshing beverage? Take place on the agreeable lounge terrace of Restaurant and Bar Woodz and relax.