Bistro d'n Duuk


Bistro d'n Duuk is located on lake De Neswaarden and has a magnificent view of the marina. The nice bistro is the ideal location for lunch, coffee, drinks and dinner. The dishes bring out a Burgundian feeling, in which culinary enjoyment is paramount.

The inviting character and the hospitable service make a visit to Bistro d'n Duuk one to repeat!

Take a look at the website for current opening times, the menu and more!

Take–out and delivery options

For take–out and delivery options, we would like to refer you to Bistro d'n Duuk.

Bistro, restaurant, cafeteria

Bistro contact information

Please contact us by phone at 0418 - 674424 or send us an email.

Cafeteria 't Esmeer

Adjacent to Bistro d'n Duuk, you will find Cafeteria 't Esmeer. Here, you can enjoy the best fries and snacks, various menus, pizzas and doner kebab. You can pick up your order or have it delivered to your holiday accommodation. You can order easily using the button below.

Ice cream shop

Also, there is now an ice cream shop in the cafeteria with different ice cream and milkshake types.

Contact information cafeteria

Contact us by phone at 0418-674444 or send an email.