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Last minute holiday home in the Netherlands

Did you decide at the last moment to get away for a while? And are you looking for a last-minute holiday home for this? You will find plenty of beautiful places to rent a holiday home in The Netherlands at the last minute in our own country. How about a holiday home at the sea, or at the Veluwe or in the hilly landscape of Limburg? TopParken offers the perfect last-minute holiday home in The Netherlands. Our holiday homes are tastefully and modernly furnished, with various comfortable facilities. 


Renting a holiday home last-minute

TopParken has holiday parks throughout The Netherlands where you can rent a holiday home last-minute. Booking at a great price: you can book directly with the park for your last-minute holiday. Luxurious and stylish: whether you choose a last-minute holiday home in the Achterhoek or in North Brabant, you will get to enjoy lots of luxury and comfort at a stylish holiday home. Ideal for now: a private sauna at your holiday home. The choice is yours. Pet-friendly: renting a last-minute holiday home together with your dog is possible at our pet-friendly holiday parks as well.

Your last-minute holiday home

  • Holiday parks throughout The Netherlands
  • Holiday homes for up to 14 persons
  • Luxuriously and stylishly furnished
  • Pet-friendly
  • With wellness options

Things to do during your holiday

You won't have to feel bored for a moment during your last-minute holiday. Because our holiday parks are located throughout the Netherlands, there are countless possibilities. 


    Visit the most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands: De Hoge Veluwe National Park.

    Southern Limburg

    Discover the pleasant streets of the big cities of Valkenburg and Maastricht.

    North Holland

    Thanks to its location near the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer, it is the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts.

    North Brabant

    Are you a true shopaholic? If so, visit the pleasant city of 's-Hertogenbosch!

    South Holland

    Attention all water sports and culture enthusiasts! Here, you will be staying close to Rotterdam and at the IJssel.

    Utrecht Hill Ridge

    Utrecht Hill Ridge National Park and the cities of Amersfoort and Utrecht within easy reach!




Where will you spend your last-minute holiday?

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