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The best price for a holiday in the Netherlands?  You've found it!

  • Fair prices according to the Consumer Association
  • Attractive, competitive prices
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • 30,000+ genuine reviews (8.2)

At TopParken, we don't offer lowered prices under the popular marketing term 'big discounts', but instead offer attractive, competitive prices 365 days per year. Also, those prices don't deviate much from, or are even lower than the 'special offers with big discounts' offered by other holiday providers. Compare and find out! No nonsense, just booking a pleasant holiday at a fair price—throughout the year. 


'Also, those prices don't deviate much from, or are even lower than the 'special offers with big discounts' offered by other holiday providers.'

Attractive, competitive prices

Whereas other holiday providers in our sector gain publicity with big discounts, we advertise using fair prices throughout the year. So no big discounts on prices from us, which have often been raised beforehand, but competitive prices to benefit from throughout the year.  What this means exactly and how we do it? We will be happy to clarify that.

No extra unexpected costs

No unclear costs or vague charges

We always advertise with the price you actually pay. This means no extra costs are added during the booking process. We don't just say this, but it has also been shown by a research carried out by the Consumers' Association. This research has shown TopParken to be one of the most transparent holiday providers.

No vague costs and surcharges

No unexpected costs

The price you pay for a stay at TopParken consists of the actual costs; without any unclear cost items or extra surcharges. You truly get what you pay for. 

Value for your money


It goes without saying that you get value for your money with us. Curious about the experiences of holidaymakers at TopParken? Read over 30,000 reviews here. And because we like to work in a transparent way, we only use real reviews and show all of them*.

'Those who give big discounts, are too expensive normally.'

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Frequently asked questions about our prices

Does TopParken use discount codes?

TopParken always offers fair prices, so a discount code is not necessary. You always benefit namely from the lowest price on our website. In short, if you book at, you always have the best deal, even without a discount code. 

Where can I book an inexpensive vacation?

If you would like to book an inexpensive vacation, we recommend that you compare prices online. Doing so, take into account popular marketing terms such as "high discounts". In some cases, prices are first raised, after which large discounts are advertised. 

TopParken applies fair prices all year round. In addition, we offer the lowest price guarantee on our website, so you do not have to visit other websites to compare our prices.