Bungalow with sauna

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  • Bungalow with a private sauna
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Bungalow with a sauna

Would you like to spend your holiday in a bungalow with a sauna that's all to yourself? That sounds like a dream holiday, doesn't it? Make it come true and choose a bungalow with a sauna at one of our three TopParken resorts in the Netherlands. Will you choose a bungalow on the Veluwe or a bungalow in Limburg? Both in the Veluwe and in South Limburg, you will find yourself in a peaceful and natural environment and you will certainly enjoy your holiday to the fullest. At TopParken you can rent a bungalow with a sauna for up to 8 people. You probably know that the sauna provides relaxation and stress reduction, but the sauna has even more advantages than that. Read more about it.

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Rent a bungalow with a sauna at TopParken

Whether you choose to rent a bungalow with sauna in spring, summer, fall or winter, you can enjoy the benefits of a sauna all year round. At TopParken, you have a private sauna at your disposal and you can enjoy the warmth of the sauna with your company without being disturbed. Or pamper yourself with even more luxury and choose a bungalow with a private sauna and Sunshower! After spending a while in the sauna, rinse off with a cold shower. Is it even possible to have a more enjoyable holiday?

A bungalow with a sauna can be rented from TopParken for 2 to 8 people. Your bungalow is tastefully furnished and equipped with various modern conveniences. You also have a parking space near the accommodation and a furnished terrace. Moreover, dogs are welcome in some of our bungalows with saunas.

Benefits of a sauna

✦ Improves blood flow

✦ Excretes waste

✦ Healthy skin

✦ Relieves joint and muscle pain

✦ Sleep deeper

✦ Better condition of the veins

✦ Stronger immune system

Discover the surroundings

When you choose to rent a bungalow with a sauna at TopParken, you will of course be keen to make use of the spa facilities at your bungalow. However, it's also well worth exploring the natural surroundings of the Veluwe or that of the hilly Limburg. Go on a nice walk or bike ride, enjoy a drink on a terrace, or visit a nearby museum or amusement park. During a holiday at one of our holiday resorts, you will experience a fine alternation between relaxation and fun and a quiet and lively environment. After a busy day out, there's nothing better than relaxing in the sauna at your bungalow.


Rated with an 8.5 | by Erik | stayed at Landgoed de Scheleberg

We enjoyed 10 wonderful days in a 7p spa cottage. The temperature outside didn't stop us from using the sauna. Precisely because of that temperature, we enjoyed the air conditioning quite a bit. All in all, we returned home well-rested.


Where is the sauna located?

Your private sauna can be found in the spacious yardorin the home. Use the filters in search and book and find a suitable accommodation where you can fully enjoy yourself with your company.