Vacation in November

Vacations in November: the places to discover.

The best places for a vacation in November 🍂

Every time of year has its own charm, and that includes the fall. Indeed, this is the season when nature shows its best side. Footpaths are strewn with brightly colored leaves, mushrooms pop up here and there, and a gentle fall breeze allows you to experience the aroma of nature. It is no wonder that you can enjoy a vacation in the fall in your own country! A vacation in November is an excellent idea for bridging the gap between summer and winter. Are you curious about the places you should discover? Then read along with us.

November vacation

Veluwe 🌳

Would you like to spot the big five and enjoy magnificent walks across expansive heathlands? Then choose a vacation in the Veluwe! This is where you can admire all the beauty that nature has to offer during the fall. Besides nature, the Veluwe is also rich in many famous sights, picturesque cities, and culinary surprises. So there is plenty to enjoy! A vacation resort in the Veluwe is an excellent starting point for discovering all the highlights of the Veluwe. For example, would you like to stay at TopParken? There are no less than six resorts in the Veluwe waiting for you, offering the perfect combination of luxury and nature. Landgoed de Scheleberg, Recreatiepark 't Gelloo, Resort Veluwe, and the other resorts in the Veluwe would like to welcome you.

November vacation

South Limburg ⛰️

Nothing beats the ultimate vacation experience in your own country. That is why you have come to the right place to be a tourist in South Limburg. The combination of cities and nature means that this region has it all and can offer you a vacation brimming with fun. For example, take Valkenburg or Maastricht: cities that are bustling with Christmas activities in November. Enjoy the abundance of lights, the music, and all the delights, both above and below ground!

The beautifully located Résidence Valkenburg is just as versatile as its surroundings. At this resort, you will wake up to panoramic views of the hilly landscape of Limburg, which will immediately make you want to immerse yourself in nature. If you did not already experience the ultimate vacation atmosphere, you will in the restaurant decorated entirely in the style of Ibiza. Moreover, you will immediately have the feeling that you are on vacation in your own vacation home. The accommodations are equipped with the necessary luxuries, and some even have wellness facilities. If that is not the definition of a relaxing vacation...

Vacation in November

Forests in Brabant 🍁

In places where the greenery dominates, you will find the best way to relax. Therefore, it is no wonder that the forests of Brabant are the perfect place to take a break together with your partner or family. Hidden among the forests, you will find Résidence de Leuvert, which guarantees a stay full of nature. Its location between the nature reserves of the Vughterheide and De Loonse en Drunense Duinen National Park, as well as its proximity to the famous De IJzeren Man recreational lake, means that you can forget all about it here. Do you want to seek out the hustle and bustle? Then visit the small-scale village of Cromvoirt, where you can find fun at any time of the day.

Vacation in November

On the water 🌊

When you think about going on vacation in November, you may not immediately think of a waterfront vacation destination. Nevertheless, this location has its advantages in the fall as well. You can take a breath of fresh air in a wetland setting and enjoy a beautiful view over the water. What more could you want? Furthermore, there are several places in the Netherlands where you can spend your vacation right at the waterfront, such as at Park Westerkogge on Lake IJssel or at Recreatiepark het Esmeer. Does the sound of a flowing river relax you? At Parc de IJsselhoeve, you will stay by the IJssel River! However, you can also seek out the hustle and bustle of the city because lively Rotterdam is just a stone's throw away.

Vacation in November

The Achterhoek 🍄

Would you like to spend a week or weekend away in November? The Achterhoek is more than suitable for the occasion. Thanks to its diverse character, this fascinating region in the Netherlands is more than worth a visit. For example, you can visit the Vorden Castle: the Achterhoek is more versatile than you think. There are more than enough reasons to book a stay here. If you love the atmosphere of peace and nature combined with numerous facilities, Résidence Lichtenvoorde is the perfect place for you. Make yourself at home in one of the comfortable vacation homes and enjoy your stay.

Are you also excited to go on vacation in November? At the vacation resorts of TopParken, you will always receive a warm welcome, even in the fall. So book your vacation in November quickly.


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