Use our children's furniture free of charge

Use our children's furniture free of charge

On vacation with small children means on vacation with a lot of stuff. A children's bed, children's clothing, children's stuff, and, of course, do not forget the toys. Even if it is just for a weekend, it always brings the necessary worries. Does this sound familiar? Then we have good news!

We namely understand that this entails a lot of space (and stress) and have, therefore, decided to offer children's furniture free of charge. So no more hauling with children's beds, high chairs, or drop–out racks. No, you can use this free of charge at TopParken. We namely do everything we can to make your stay even more carefree. While supplies last, of course. How do you do that? Easy and simple when booking your stay.


Did you know that ➡️ TopParken is one of the few vacation providers that offers the use of children's furniture free of charge?

Children's furniture

Use our children's beds, high chairs, and/or drop–out racks free of charge.


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