Tubantia: 'Dogs and owners escape the fireworks at holiday resort Lichtenvoorde'

LICHTENVOORDE - Sixty cottages at Residence Lichtenvoorde were rented out during New Year's Eve, 80 percent of the guests brought one or more dogs to get through the day without fireworks. Dozens of dogs attend the first fireworks-free dog buffet on Monday afternoon, which was held on the deck of the main building.

The buffet is a fun extra for the animals, who (along with their owners) are trying to get through the transition to 2020 with as little bother as possible from those noisy fireworks. We're 100 percent full," says Helma Kamphorst, who manages the holiday resort on the west side of Lichtenvoorde with her partner Evert.

"We are located on the outside border and the explosions from the carbide shooting are not so bad here." (Helma Kamphorst, Manager)

Increasing demand

Residence Lichtenvoorde is part of TopParken's seventeen resorts and, for several years, each of them have been offering the same firework free stay at the end of December. It meets an increasing demand. "People already start calling on the second or third of January to place their reservations again."

Residence Lichtenvoorde has not been notified as a fireworks free zone by the municipality of Oost Gelre. However, this is not important according to the administrators. They say the resort is large enough to guarantee an undisturbed stay. Indeed, fireworks are not allowed to be lighted anywhere in the 15 hectare grounds of the resort. "A lot of people are trying to escape the turn of the year," says Helma Kamphorst.

Carbide shooting

The nuisance that comes from loud noises is not entirely escapable. If fireworks are lighted on the surrounding roads, it can still be heard at the cottages. The noise from carbide shooting also produces loud bangs, but that takes place quite far away. "We are located on the outside border and the explosions from the carbide shooting are not so bad here."

The dog buffet (the owners have also been thought of with pea soup and rye bread) is set up on Monday afternoon, because most of the animals and their owners will have arrived by then. Evert Kamphorst: "It's a genuine buffet, with plates on the table for the dog snacks, dog kibble in champagne glasses. We also set up a ball pit, we hide some kibble in it, and the dogs can dive in to look for it."


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