Traffic information NK Cycling in Ede/Wageningen

Traffic information NK Cycling

Our holiday parks Landgoed de Scheleberg , Recreational park 't Gelloo , Bospark Ede and Recreatiepark de Wielerbaan are less accessible during the Dutch Championship Cycling. See below the main road closures:

There is a course set for a time trial on Wednesday June 26th . The Apeldoornseweg/ N304 and the N224 between the roundabout at Pannenkoekenhuis De Langenberg and the crossroad Rijksweg/Raadhuisstraat/Apeldoornseweg are closed off from 9 am until 4 pm.

Are you going tot visit Landgoed de Scheleberg or Recreational park 't Gelloo? We advise you to drive via the A30 and take the turn Lunteren. Are you staying at Bospark Ede? We advise you to take the turn Ede-North (A30) and drive via the N224 and the Lunterseweg and enter the Zonneoordlaan.

On this day the course is not coming through Wageningen and the guests from Recreatiepark de Wielerbaan will have no inconvenience from traffic disruption.

At June 29th and June 30th Landgoed de Scheleberg, Bospark Ede and Recreational park 't Gelloo are accessible via turn Ede-North and turn Lunteren (A 30).

The N781 near Recreatiepark de Wielerbaan in Wageningen is completely closed. We advise you to take N782/Keijenbergseweg and enter the Hollandseweg. It is possible that the Hartenseweg will be temporarily closed when the course is passing by.

More information on the traffic disruption regarding the NK Cycling in Ede you will find here .