TopParken supports the 'Apply now for later' campaign

TopParken supports the 'Apply now for later!' campaign

The 'Apply now for later!' campaign was started by the Safely outside in the sun Foundation, with the goal of preventing skin cancer. TopParken supports this campaign by installing sunscreen dispensers at the holiday parks in cooperation with the foundation. This way, holidaymakers can apply sunscreen any time they want to prevent sun damage and therefore significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer.

In addition to offering free sunscreen, TopParken donates an amount to KWF Fight against Cancer for each installed dispenser. This links participation in the campaign to the existing partnership between TopParken and KWF. As a business friend of KWF Fight against Cancer, TopParken shares the dream of millions of people: a world in which cancer is no longer a lethal illness. The cooperation with the Safely outside in the sun Foundation matches this perfectly. By means of financial support and making free sunscreen available, the organization hopes to contribute to turning this dream into reality.

Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer and is caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation. The Safely outside in the sun Foundation believes that applying sunscreen to prevent sun damage should become just as normal as brushing your teeth. The foundation has the aim of equipping at least 10,000 outdoor areas in The Netherlands with automated dispensers of free sunscreen, including the TopParken holiday parks.

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