TopParken nominated for "Website of the Year"


Hurray, we have been nominated!

Our website has been nominated for "Website of the Year 2020" in the category of "Hotel and Accommodations". Will you help us take home the award?


Website of the Year elections

Each year, different websites in various categories are rewarded with a public award. The Dutch public can vote for two awards per category: "the best website", and "the most popular website". "The best website" is the website with the highest quality score in the areas of content, navigation, design and recommendability. "The most popular website" is the website with the highest number of votes within the category.

Get a chance to win great prizes

We feel honored that TopParken has been nominated and we would love to take home the award. It's not just us who stand a chance at winning, because you can win too! By voting, you get a chance to win some great prizes. The ballot boxes are open from Thursday September 3rd up to and including Friday October 16th. Let's turn it into a party together!


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