TopParken Beekbergen - review Esmée Lifestyle

The accommodation at TopParken Beekbergen

We had a Comfort six-person chalet. This is a home with a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and three bedrooms. There is a double bed in one bedroom, and the other two bedrooms have two single beds and a bunk bed. In my experience it was spacious enough for two persons, but I would definitely find the living room to be on the small side with six persons. Then again, this will easily be less of an issue with good weather, because you will spend more time outside at the connected terrace or enjoy being out and about.

The chalet has a great appearance and really matches my personal style when it comes to its interior decoration. There are great paintings on the wall, there are artificial plants, as well as very modern furniture. It all looks so new and fresh, and the price is significantly lower than at comparable holiday parks too.

The chalet was really nice and clean, and you receive a package with all kinds of cleaning products, tea and coffee upon arrival as well. It is pretty basic, but you will quickly have everything you need, especially for a short stay. The only downsides I have experienced are that the lamps at the home are very bright, especially because the space is not very big, and that the home heats up very quickly. The advantage is that it cools down quickly outside during the evening because you are in the forests, and because you can ventilate the home quickly by opening everything up.

Aside from that, I am very pleased about my stay at TopParken Beekbergen! The beds were wonderful, like sleeping at a luxury hotel. Warm water was available quickly and for a long time, there is a dishwasher, and you can enjoy some time at the terrace or in the grass. There are many services at the park as well. For instance, you can visit the restaurant, rent a barbecue, and even order bread rolls for breakfast if you wish.

The area of TopParken Beekbergen

TopParken Beekbergen is located at the Veluwe, between Apeldoorn and Arnhem. This means there are lots of things to do in the area, but these are things we did during our stay and definitely recommend!

Eating pancakes

On the first evening, we enjoyed a dinner out in Beekbergen. We went for dinner at the Pannekoek, a small restaurant where pancakes are still baked in artisanal fashion. All kinds of pancakes are available, ranging from sweet to savory, and (despite the coronavirus measures), there is a pleasant atmosphere.