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Top 10 museums in Limburg

These are the 10 greatest museums in Limburg🏛

Attention culture enthusiasts! Curious about great museums in Limburg to visit? We have compiled a top 10 for you. This way you won't have to research it yourself during your vacation, and instead have extra time to make holiday memories together. Résidence Valkenburg, our holiday park near Valkenburg and Maastricht, is the ideal base camp for visiting the most beautiful museums in South Limburg.

Bonnefanten Museum

Bonnefanten Museum

📍 Maastricht

Are you an art enthusiast? If so, you should definitely visit the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht sometime! Admire the most beautiful paintings, special sculptures and unique exhibitions. Old, modern and contemporary art, you will find it all. The Bonnefanten Museum aims to connect the art world with society and challenge you to understand the world you live in better.

Museum Vaals

📍 Vaals

Museum Vaals presents exhibitions at a monumental monastery chapel with stunning stained glass windows, murals and ceiling paintings. The museum is a colorful diorama that overwhelms you with a unique collection of over 200 images of saints. A tip from us: visit the accompanying Monastery park, where you can admire the oldest tree in Vaals as well as modern images of saints.

Discovery Museum

📍 Kerkrade

The Discovery Museum is all about the themes of the Earth, science, technology and design. Dive into history, experience the present and learn about the future. In addition to a day of fun, you will also get an experience about how we can make our world more beautiful together. The collection consists of steam engines and motors, technology of the household, coal mining, earthenware, porcelain, glass and crystal. 

War Museum

Eyewitness War Museum

📍 Beek

Face to face with the Second World War, that is what you will experience at the Eyewitness Museum. Become an eyewitness to the European history of the Second World War. With 13 dioramas, 150 lifelike mannequins and original items, you will be transported into various war scenes. In short, a museum with a story and perhaps one of the most special museums in Limburg.

Thermae Museum

📍 Heerlen

The Thermae Museum tells the story of the Romans in South Limburg. The top piece here is the Roman bathhouse: the best preserved Roman bathhouse in The Netherlands. A special museum in Limburg! Immerse yourself into the world of the Romans and be surprised by a unique piece of culture.

Museum Valkenburg

📍 Valkenburg

Museum Valkenburg is not only literally at the center of Valkenburg aan de Geul, it also plays a central role in the experience of history, art and culture. Get to know artists from the region or be transported into the history of the town, from prehistory to tourism. 


Roman Catacomb Museum

📍 Valkenburg

Experience the hidden Rome in a mystical subterranean labyrinth at the Roman Catacomb Museum. Roam through the underground passageways, where the guide will take you to the Rome of the early Christianity of the third and fourth century. Descend to the graves of Roman citizens and magnificent burial chambers of prominent Romans. Experience Rome in a single day!

Women's Museum

📍 Echt

Nowhere in The Netherlands will you find a museum all about women and their lives. Discover the Women's Museum in the Limburg town of Echt. Contemporary themes are linked to tradition, culture and societal issues. And don't worry, the museum is not just fun for women!

Museum Limburg

Heritage Center De Domijnen

📍 Sittard

Heritage Center De Domijnen preserves history to understand the present. A special museum in South Limburg! From posters, movies and audio fragments to newspapers, in memoriam cards and a true book collection. Super interesting and a great cultural trip with your group!

Dutch Mine Museum

📍 Heerlen

Discover our mining history at the Dutch Mine Museum. Golden times, bleak aspects and colorful perspectives. You will experience them here on four floors of a monumental department store in the South Limburg city of Heerlen. Ready for an educational day at this special museum in Limburg?

Staying at Résidence Valkenburg

So many special, beautiful and educational museums in South Limburg! We understand if you can't choose! Good news, because you won't have to. Why wouldn't you visit several museums and make it a mini vacation? Wonderful, a midweek or weekend away among the natural beauty of South Limburg. Résidence Valkenburg is close to our top 10 museums in Limburg. Here you will stay at modern holiday homes, fully furnished and with a private garden, in the fantastic hilly landscape. Come make the most beautiful holiday memories together! 


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