These are the most beautiful MTB trails in the Netherlands

From the Veluwe to South Limburg: The Best MTB Trails

Do you enjoy active holidays? Perhaps mountain biking during your holiday is something for you! Mountain bike along various trails and enjoy the beautiful Dutch countryside. TopParken has several holiday resorts situated next to beautiful, unique MTB trails. Moreover, you can even rent mountain bikes at these resorts. We have already selected the most beautiful MTB trails in the Netherlands for you in this blog.

Spot 1 - Over the hills of South Limburg

The MTB trails of South Limburg; a paradise for thrillseekers, professionals, and rookies. With 500 kilometers of mountain bike trails, you will find everything from trails for beginners and families to challenging trails for advanced riders. The trails are well maintained, so you can always enjoy a unique ride through the hills of South Limburg! Do you want to brave all the MTB trails of South Limburg? Then you should consider renting a holiday home at Residence Valkenburg, so that you can start each day off relaxed.

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Spot 2 - Through the forests of Beekbergen

The MTB trail near Beekbergen is characterized by its far-stretching forests and beautiful heathland. The trail is easy to reach from Apeldoorn, where you will soon enter the woods after leaving this versatile city. The trail is interspersed with winding paths and various climbs, making it very varied. This trail is just right for both beginner and experienced mountain bikers.

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Spot 3 - On the Veluwe through Lunteren and Ede

The MTB trails cover a good 80 kilometers and consist of three different parts: Ede, Otterlo, and Lunteren. Along these trails, there are several singletracks interspersed with long, straight paths. These trails feature some steep climbs and fast descents. In addition, you will find a short trail of 4 km near Ede that has been made especially for children. The perfect place to actively enjoy the Veluwe, all year round! Which holiday resort will be the starting location of your MTB tour? At our resorts in the Veluwe, you will stay in a luxurious holiday home in the middle of nature.

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Discover your favorite area on a mountain bike

TopParken has various holiday resorts located next to beautiful, unique MTB trails throughout the Netherlands. Would you like to use a mountain bike on your holiday, but you do not own one yourself? No problem! At the resorts below, you can rent a mountain bike so you can enjoy an active holiday.


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