These 3 holiday tips should get you through the winter.

These 3 holiday tips should get you through the winter.

Holiday tips for the winter

Whether you are a fan of winter or just can't wait for summer weather, great tips for this time of year are always welcome. And let's be honest, winter does have its charms. Whether it's a holiday to a winter destination or ice skating with the whole family: we would like to share our favorite winter activities with you. Afterwards, you can return to your accommodation to warm up with a hot cup of chocolate and whipped cream. Believe us, you'll get through the winter just fine with these 3 holiday tips!

Tip 1 - Spa holiday homes

During those cold winter days, many Dutch people tend to go out a lot less often. After all, it is cold, rainy and it gets dark outside a lot sooner. All of this likely makes you feel more like staying inside. Nevertheless, everyone needs to plan a nice outing every now and then.

If we're writing about holiday tips that will get you through the winter, a day at the spa is highly recommended. It's just so nice to warm up and steam in the sauna when it's cold outside. You could of course visit a day spa, but renting a spa cottage is even better. This way, you can get away for a weekend (or longer) to catch a little bit of that R&R. At TopParken, you can rent a holiday home with a sauna, so you can use the spa at any time. Isn't that perfect? Would you like to soak in the hot tub before bedtime? Then you're in luck, because at some resorts you'll even find private hot tubs in addition to a sauna at your accommodation.


Tip 2 - Winter Efteling

During a visit to the Winter Efteling, immerse yourself in a true winter paradise. The decor of this famous theme park is even more beautiful and fairytale-like than usual during the winter days. Stroll through the Fairytale Forest among the snowy trees, warm up by the bonfire, or marvel at the beautiful and atmospheric lighting of the park.

But the decoration of the Winter Efteling is not the only reason this theme park is worth your while. There are also some spectacular to do's on the program. For example, you can race down the snow slide or put on your skates for a round on the ice rink with the whole family. Afterwards, the kids can drink a hot cup of chocolate milk with whipped cream while you enjoy some wintry mulled wine. Now that's enjoyment!

Do you want to make a visit to the Winter Efteling extra special? Then opt for a stay at a holiday resort near the Efteling. In our offer, you will find Résidence de Leuvert, which is only 20 kilometers from the Efteling. At this resort, you can stay in a luxurious holiday home for up to six people. And are the children still not tired after a visit to the Winter Efteling? Then they can go wild at the playground or the sports fields of the resort.


Tip 3 - Winter wonder land at the Veluwe

The Veluwe is a wonderful holiday destination at any time of year. But during winter, a holiday in the Veluwe is an extra good idea. Nature in this area will quickly turn into a beautiful winter wonder land. It deserves to be called a true fairy tale, especially when it snows. But even without snow you will be in a wintry mood at the Veluwe. This is especially so when the heathlands are still foggy and the sun slowly rises early in the morning. Tip: pay a visit to National Park De Hoge Veluwe. With a bit of luck, you'll spot some wild animals here, such as deer. And that, of course, completes the winter feeling.

Are you excited yet? Then why not spend the night in a holiday home in the Veluwe? There are a total of five TopParken resorts in this area, all located in natural surroundings. You can walk from your holiday home into the woods and the children can play, climb and clamber in complete freedom.


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