The history of Holiday Park de Wielerbaan

The history of the velodrome

Holiday park De Wielerbaan, located at the Veluwe, owes its name to the velodrome ('wielerbaan' in Dutch) that is at the actual center of the park. The so-called Wageningen Velodrome was built in 1933 as a project to create work opportunities. Seventy unemployed persons were commissioned to dig a hole and to pour a layer of 12 centimeters of concrete. On Sunday April 29th 134, this track was festively opened with an opening competition, in which cyclist Jan Pijnenburg and others competed. The track offered no fewer than 7,500 standing places and 1,000 seats, and various competitions were organized here for years. After 1945, a holiday park was constructed around the velodrome, and the last official competition at the velodrome took place in 1967.

The velodrome at present

These days, no competitions are held at the velodrome anymore. However, it is still intact and present at the park. In fact, the velodrome is the beating heart of the holiday park. At the center of the velodrome are a playground, a swimming pool and a restaurant. This ensures that the soul and history of the track live on at Holiday Park De Wielerbaan.

The velodrome in numbers

  • 1933 construction of the velodrome was started
  • 70 workers contributed to construction of the velodrome
  • 12 cm of reinforced concrete
  • 1934 opening competition velodrome
  • 7,500 standing places and 1,000 seats
  • 1945 construction of the holiday park was started
  • 1967 Last competition at the track

Vacation at Holiday Park De Wielerbaan

Have you become curious? Book a vacation at Holiday Park De Wielerbaan and see it for yourself. Holiday Park De Wielerbaan is beautifully situated in Wageningen at the Veluwe. As mentioned, the park has plenty of facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, various sports and games fields, a restaurant, and a snack bar. Add to that the magnificent surroundings which are perfect for hiking and cycling trips, and you've got the ideal holiday destination for every age group. You can choose to stay at Holiday Park De Wielerbaan using your own camping means, or to rent a holiday home suitable for two to five persons.

Will we see you at Holiday Park De Wielerbaan soon?


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