The flood and your vacation in South Limburg

The flood and your vacation in South Limburg


Last week, South Limburg was affected by heavy rainfall, which caused an enormous amount of flooding. At Résidence Valkenburg, we also had to deal with flooding. Our team has worked hard over the past week to ensure the safety of all our guests and to limit the damage to the vacation resort and the vacation homes. The water has now subsided, and we are delighted to welcome guests to Résidence Valkenburg again. We wish you a warm welcome! Come and spend your vacation in South Limburg, enjoy the surroundings, venture out, and support the local businesses, especially now.

Welcome to Résidence Valkenburg

Our vacation resort is fully accessible again, and all our facilities are open. In the surroundings of the vacation resort, you can discover beautiful nature once again; the rivers and brooks quietly ripple through the hills, and you can enjoy beautiful cycling and walking routes. Nevertheless, in a few places, including the center of Valkenburg, there has been considerable water damage. For more information about day trips, how to get to Valkenburg, and other information about visiting South Limburg, please visit the website of Visit South Limburg.


The Visit South Limburg website is constantly being updated. So keep an eye on this web page for the latest news.

Résidence Valkenburg

As previously expressed, we would like to give you a warm welcome to Résidence Valkenburg. Not only us but also the local entrepreneurs cannot wait for your visit and are ready to give you a warm welcome.