Swimming pools TopParken opened

Swimming pools TopParken open again!

Good news!

The indoor and outdoor swimming pools at our holiday parks are opened! This means our guests are more than welcome to come swim here. We use adjusted regulations and opening hours in compliance with the RIVM guidelines. For instance, a limited number of people is allowed in and around the swimming pool, and you will have to make a reservation in advance. These regulations may vary per park, please inquire at reception about the specific regulations per park. In addition, it goes without saying that you will keep a distance of 1.5 meters.


An overview of the most important focus points:

  1. The swimming pool is opened daily.
  2. The swimming pool regulations vary per park, this depends on the size of the park and the swimming pool. Among other things, this means the following:
    1. At some parks, seniors (persons 55+ years of age) can use the swimming pool during the morning hours.
    2. At some parks, young persons (below 18 years of age) can use the pool without a reservation at certain times.
    3. For the rest of the day, the pool is open to everyone. A reservation does need to be made at reception in advance.
  3. Please inquire at reception about the specific regulations per park.
  4. Keep a distance of 1.5 meters.
  5. Follow the swimming pool measures as indicated at the park.

The swimming pool protocol is different at each vacation resort. Of course, the protocol is clearly visible at the resort. Do you have questions about the swimming pool at a certain vacation resort? Then please contact (preferably by phone) the reception of the vacation resort concerned.


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