Shopping cities in the Netherlands

Shopaholic? These are the 5 nicest shopping cities in the Netherlands

Best shopping cities in the Netherlands 🛍️

Need a new wardrobe? Discover the nicest Dutch shopping cities, where fashion lovers can get their money's worth when buying fashion! Amsterdam may be the number one fashion city, but the latest fashion is also well-represented in the smaller cities throughout the country. From large chains to the smallest boutiques where the perfect garments are waiting for you. Combine it with a visit to a holiday park right away, and there you go: your own mini-shopping holiday in your own country. We'd love to take you to the 5 nicest shopping cities in the Netherlands.

The top 5:

Shopping cities the Netherlands

📍 Maastricht

Maastricht is the number one among the shopping cities in the Netherlands. And it shows, because the locals you spot in this city look perfect! Shoppers with good style will love this city. The nice thing about shopping in Maastricht is being welcomed with open arms and scoring the best purchases while enjoying a great atmosphere. Where you definitely need to go with a limitless bank card in the center of Maastricht? The Grote Staat, Entre Deux and Mosae Forum. Those looking for luxury can indulge themselves in the Stokstraatkwartier.

Once you've finished shopping, you can relax in a bungalow in Maastricht. Don't feel like traveling far? In that case, opt for Résidence Valkenburg, which is 17 kilometers from the city.

Shopping cities the Netherlands

📍 Rotterdam

With Shopping Center Alexandrium as the largest shopping center and of course the well-known Koopgoot, Rotterdam is an excellent choice for an afternoon of shopping. You've come to the right place for a varied range of clothing and accessories. The shopping pleasure here extends below street level, so you will undoubtedly succeed here. The influence of the international metropolis is also reflected in the range of clothing you can find in the shops. Different styles come together, allowing shoppers of all shapes and sizes to find what they're searching for.

This isn't just an excellent spot for shopping, it's also the right place for a pleasant stay in the vicinity of this city. Leave the hustle and bustle behind and opt for peace and quiet at Parc de IJsselhoeve. Here you can enjoy your own bungalow in Rotterdam after a day of shopping, less than 20 kilometers from the city!

Best shopping cities the Netherlands

📍 Den Bosch

You might think of the delicious chocolate balls when you think of Den Bosch, but this city also scores well in terms of fashion, in addition to culinary delights. You will find all kinds of boutiques in the side streets of the city that reflect the latest fashion trends. Refreshing concept stores and unique fashion stores are also part of the street scene in Den Bosch, just like the larger chains. In short: every kind of shopping enthusiast will have a great time in this city. You can take a break in between shopping at one of the many restaurants or cafes to enjoy a snack and a drink.

Drive for about 10 kilometers and you will arrive at Résidence de Leuvert. The place where you can relax after a day of shopping. You can make shopping plans for the next day from your own bungalow in Den Bosch!

Best shopping cities the Netherlands

📍 Alkmaar

Staying in Alkmaar is an excellent idea! From Park Westerkogge you can easily combine both the city and beach, allowing you to experience the best of both. After a good night's sleep in your bungalow in North Holland, you can get in the car to explore the shopping city of Alkmaar. Before you know it, you'll be surrounded by all the lively and bustling parts of the city, as the park is just under 25 kilometers away.

The historic city center stands out not only because of its rich history, but also because of the many great stores to shop at. Boutiques where you will find urban fashion are interspersed with the nicest chains with hip fashion. No wonder that this city has been part of the top 10 of the favorite shopping cities in the Netherlands for years!

Shopping cities the Netherlands

📍 Arnhem

Whether you just want to get inspiration for the current fashion season or just want to treat yourself to some new outfits: Arnhem is the right place for you. Although this city may not immediately come to mind when you think of nice shopping cities in the Netherlands, this is a place that you will undoubtedly leave with bags full of clothes. And that's not without reason, because the most famous fashion academy in the Netherlands is located here. Here you can stroll around and step into one nice store after the other. Still looking for a nice place to stay? Recreation Park De Wielerbaan (15 km), Landgoed de Scheleberg (24 km), Bospark Ede (23 km) and Receation Park 't Gelloo (23) are located near Arnhem. Will you also come and enjoy a bungalow in Arnhem?

Shopping cities the Netherlands

Spending the night at TopParken 💙

After a long day of shopping, it's great to give your body and mind a break. And where better to do that than in nature? The place where the bustle of the city can be exchanged for the silence of nature. Opting for a TopParken park? In that case you can be sure that the surroundings will leave nothing to be desired. The bungalows in the parks are also the definition of comfort and will feel like coming home after a long day of shopping. Enjoy a delicious meal together in the park, relax thanks to the wellness facilities or curl up for a good night's sleep.

These were the best shopping cities in the Netherlands. Which city would you soon like to visit to replenish your wardrobe?


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