RTL Nieuws: "New Year's Eve without banging: fireworks-free bungalow parks on the rise"

RTL Nieuws: New Year's Eve without banging: Fireworks-free bungalow parks on the rise

By RTL Nieuws: Tonight, the Netherlands will be filled with the bangs and flashes of fireworks, but not everybody is a fan. A growing number of people wants to avoid the annual banging by celebrating New Year's Eve in a fireworks-free park or hotel. "We could have rented out many more rooms if we had them."

Fully booked

Not only fireworks-free hotels are popular. Dog owners also like to celebrate New Year's Eve in fireworks-free bungalow parks. That is possible with TopParken. On 12 of the 14 vacation parks of this chain, no fireworks are allowed, according to spokesman Rene Gorter. "We started this four years ago and it is very popular. People who are coming for New Year's Eve often also book for the following year."

It mostly concerns dog owners. Park De Scheleberg, which Gorter manages, is filled with 300 dogs. "We have as many houses as there are dogs. And we anticipate, we have a special dog buffet. It are mostly normal dogs, but also many people with an assistance dog."


At Landgoed de Scheleberg, a special buffet for dogs is waiting for you.

fireworks-fee hotels and bungalow parks on the rise

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