Proud sponsor of 'Ice Heroes' for Make-A-Wish

Start of the big charity tour 'Ice Heroes' for Make-A-Wish

From February 18 to March 5, 2023, three "heroes" will participate in the Baltic Sea Circle 2023 to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Along with several other teams, they will embark on a 16-day, 7,500-kilometer journey around the Baltic Sea. Sjoerd van der Zee, Dennis van der Bogt, and Pascal Grebien are committed to this wonderful foundation. TopParken is a proud sponsor of the campaign.

Tour of 7500 towards the North Cape (and back)

It will be an adventurous trip through a white world of snow and ice. Using assignments and a live stream, the three heroes try to raise as much money as possible for Make-A-Wish. Sjoerd van der Zee about the campaign: "We think it's the best combination there is: having a great adventure and doing something good for the world." The tour will be done without GPS in an old Volvo. It will also include an Ice Puch Maxi. It starts today in Hamburg, Germany, then passes through Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Creating valuable memories

The terrible truth is that many children in the Netherlands are affected by serious diseases, which is why TopParken is happy to contribute to this campaign. In doing so, it fits well with the mission, creating valuable memories, which made the decision around sponsorship a quick one.


Make-A-Wish Netherlands grants the dearest wishes of children between the ages of 3 and 18 with severe, sometimes life-threatening illnesses. They do this based on a carefully planned "Wish Journey," a special journey in which months are spent working on individualization from A to Z to fulfill the young patients' most ardent wishes and restore strength and confidence to them and those around them. Thus, memories are made together that will last a lifetime.


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