Open from April 1st: The Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival

  • Open from April 1
  • At a short distance from all TopParken resorts around the Veluwe
  • Theme: Our National History

Visit the Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival in Garderen

From April 1, the Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival is open. A spectacular exhibition of impressive sand sculptures. This year's theme is 'Our National History', where visitors are taken back in time.

The Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival: Our National History

Experience the history of the Netherlands and stand face to face with dolmen builders, the Batavians, and the Romans. Discover how people lived and worked in the Middle Ages, and learn more about trade in the Hanseatic League and the Dutch East India Company. In short, a visit to the Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival is not only impressive, but also very educational.

A visit to the Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival is an educational, impressive experience for both young and old.

Sand sculpture

Test your knowledge

Curious to know how much you know about Dutch history? Then you have come to the right place at the Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival! While visiting the festival, you will encounter different questions around the theme: 'Our National History'. Submit your answers after the route through the park and maybe you could win some fantastic prizes!

If you want to gain more knowledge during the route, there is also a free audio tour available to download on your phone!

Tip! Bring earphones with you so you can listen to this interesting free audio tour to the fullest!

Practical information

The Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival will be open every Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5:30 PM starting April 1, 2022. Sunday the festival is closed.

The park is completely wheelchair friendly, and you can park there for free. More information about the Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival can be found here.

Ticket pricing:

Age Price
Up to 5 years Free
6-12 years € 6.50
13 and up € 12.50

At the reception of Resort Veluwe, you can buy discounted tickets to visit the festival!

Resort Veluwe

Our holiday resort in Garderen is only 3.5 km from the Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival. At the holiday resort, you can rent (electric) bicycles, so a visit to the sand sculpture festival can be combined with a beautiful trip through the countryside. Upon returning to the holiday resort, the surrounding area is waiting to be discovered. Hike through the adjacent Speulderbos forest, or go on an adventure in the Klimbos Garderen. Of course, there is also plenty to do in the holiday resort itself. Take a dip in the pool, challenge your friends and family to a game of Fun Bowl, and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at restaurant De Wildebras.


Holiday in the Veluwe

Are you staying at one of our holiday resorts in the versatile Veluwe area? Then you will not only enjoy the Sand Sculpture Festival, but also:

  • The abundance of nature
  • A wide range of cultural activities
  • Historic (Hanseatic) towns and villages
  • Multiple zoos, amusement parks, and playgrounds
  • And above all, quality time with each other

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