De Haas family at Landgoed de Scheleberg

Holiday story by de Haas family: "What a place!" (with photos)


Mr and Mrs de Haas resided at Landgoed de Scheleberg with their young daughter Roos. They exchanged the busy Randstad area for the beautiful Veluwe. On the last day of their stay, they wrote the following blog from their luxurious holiday home at the forest edge of the holiday park. Thank you, de Haas family, for sending us these beautiful words and pictures! That's what we're in business for, so good to see this confirmed.

The de Haas family holiday memories: "Exceeded all expectations.":

It's already been 9 weeks since we booked a Deluxe 4 persons wellness, also called 'Boslodge' (forest lodge), at Landgoed de Scheleberg. This weekend it's finally going to happen and we are looking forward to it. For this will be the first holiday we spend with our daughter Roos, who has by now learned to walk quite well. This will really be a weekend of pure relaxation, because our cabin also has a real wellness, including a spa, a sauna and an outdoor shower.

What a place!

Apart from that, our holiday home is situated in the middle of the forest, so we will be getting us some peace and quiet in nature. Besides, the Veluwe is not an unknown terrain to us, as we have already been here a couple of years ago. It will however be the first time at TopParken Landgoed de Scheleberg , so we're very excited.

At our arrival, the park really turns out to be right 'in the middle of the forest'. From the reception, we head for the park's edge, to our holiday home, where we can also park the car.

Once at our forest lodge (Deluxe 4 persons wellness), it is even better than we expected. From inside, as well as from the porch, you get a fantastic view of the forest. It's wonderfully peaceful and quiet there and the only thing you actually hear is the happy sound of birds singing. On the second day we even saw a deer, unfortunately by the time I had taken my phone to get a picture it was already gone. Also, the wellness is nice and sheltered, giving you the privacy to enjoy the spa, sauna and outdoor shower. We live in the city ourselves, where neighbors can look right inside the house. So this amount of peace and privacy to us is pure enjoyment.

Playing and swimming

Besides the forest lodge, our daughter (and ourselves) also enjoyed the park's facilities. The brand new playground was a big hit, as our daughter just couldn't get enough of the slides. It goes without saying we were there every day. Moreover, we can come back here anytime in the future, because the playground also has plenty of stuff for older children to enjoy. It has a cable car and a soccer cage, so nobody gets left out. The swimming pool also has a slide in the paddling pool, so there's plenty of slides. Us parents also had plenty to enjoy at the pool. There were some nice sun beds and we could get ourselves some drinks at the bar by the pool in between .

Landgoed de Scheleberg
Holiday blog de Haas family
De Haas family


Besides all the above facilities, the park also has a fine restaurant which wouldn't look bad in our town. The menu has something for everybody, we ourselves opted for the delicious sushi chef's special. So we sat out on the terrace a number of times, which offers a wonderful view of the park's entrance.

Conclusion: "What a TopPark!"

Our conclusion about Landgoed de Scheleberg may be obvious: truly a TopPark ! The Deluxe 4 persons wellness exceeded all expectations , our daughter enjoyed everything the park has to offer and on the last day we explored the beautiful Veluwe by bicycle.

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