Holiday park Beekbergen doubles the amount of holiday homes

Holiday park Beekbergen doubles the amount of holiday homes
De Stentor - By Arnoud Heins

Holiday park Beekbergen doubles the amount of holiday homes at its thoroughly renovated complex to 180! Those who haven't been to Holiday park Beekbergen for 6 months, would probably think on arrival that they've come to the wrong place. Not only because the entrance on the Kuiltjesweg has been moved a few hundred metres. The park itself also undergone a thorough metamorphosis. The park is a few football fields larger and the existing area has been renovated.

Another striking thing: on arrival, you're no longer stopped by a barrier. This is a deliberate choice by TopParken, owner of the park since April. They want to exude openness. It looks like this is working, also in the park itself, even though the complex is still under construction and still a little barren. ,,In May this was still a wild piece of forest’’, says TopParken advisor Michael Jansen, pointing at the new part of the park. ,,We've created roads and a pond.’’ Colleague Patrick van den Hoek quickly adds that the natural environment has been harmed as little as possible. The infrastructure is already finished. But along a large part of fresh asphalt, the area is still undeveloped. In the end, the plan is to build 88 brand new holiday homes here. Together with the ninety "old" accommodations, this will mean doubling the amount of houses.

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Jansen: ,,All facilities are already in the ground, so we can simply start building.’’ Jansen plays an important role in this process. Before building them, he first needs to sell the holiday homes. ,,We've started in May and we've already sold 25 percent. That's very nice. The buyers are usually from one of two categories. You've got the emotional buyers, who want a second home. You also have the rational buyers. They want to rent out their holiday homes. By the way, that always happens through TopParken. This way everything will be organised and under control.’’

In the area where growth is already happening, a few houses are being finished. A few can already be used. There's no comparison with the holiday homes that were already here when the park was still called "de Pallieter". But the old part of the park also benefits from the TopParken takeover. The roads have been improved, as well as restaurant Robin Food, where former star chef Peter Driehuis rules over the kitchen. ,,The people in the old part of the park are just as important’’, says Jansen. ,,We try to include them in everything. After all, they are the ambassadors of the park.’’

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