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Our partner recently visited Landgoed de Scheleberg in Lunteren. They wrote the following holiday blog:


A weekend trip to TopParken Landgoed de Scheleberg

Waking up knowing you'll be going on a weekend holiday is delightful already. And the weather gods are on our side. The weather forecast promises clear skies and temperatures above 20 degrees. Yes, we're all very excited! After a drive of about two hours, we arrive at TopParken Landgoed de Scheleberg. The first thing that catches our eye is the beautiful entrance. You get a great view of the beautiful pond through the trees. And the reception and restaurant are located behind the pond. After a quick check-in, the friendly lady at the reception assigns villa 538 to us. There's plenty of space to park two cars at our villa. That's convenient, because we'll have visitors later this weekend!

Our villa

We did not even open the front door yet, or the kids dash into the villa, looking for a bedroom. This usually is quite the issue for us, but this time things are taken care of quickly. On the first floor, there are three bedrooms. With the children upstairs, we are left with the downstairs bedroom. That's not an issue, because this one has an ensuite bathroom and its own television, so that's perfect. The ground floor also features a cozy sitting area with decorative fireplace, a lovely patio with an amazing view, and a spacious kitchen that's fully equipped.


We decide to have a nice dinner at the restaurant on the first night. The restaurant @thePark Asia is located at the park. The menu features lots of Asian dishes, such as poke bowls, sushi, or delicious fried pork bacon. But the menu also features spareribs and a very special dry aged Ribeye. So there are enough options for everyone.

After a lovely dinner right we return to our villa. The children go to bed, and we watch an episode of our favorite show in bed.

The swimming pool, the playground, and the soccer cage.

The first morning starts with a cup of coffee on the patio, which has a view over part of the park. Afterwards, I take the children to get fresh sandwiches, and we enjoy a delicious breakfast. Over breakfast we discuss what we'll do first. This beautiful weather makes the choice easy: the outdoor pool. After a refreshing dive and a bunch of water fun, the boys notice something else.

Swimming pool
Soccer cage

There is a brand-new playground and special soccer cage next to the swimming pool. We fortunately brought the on holiday. We don't have to look after the boys for the rest of the afternoon. There are many other kids, so the first soccer game quickly starts. Because the playground is next to the swimming pool, we can luckily keep an eye on them. In these temperatures, a refreshing ice cream or drink is very welcome. Fortunately, there is a snack corner next to the swimming pool.

The new playground deserves to be mentioned as well, actually. There is lots of playing equipment, and the playground is spacious. There's plenty to do for the children, clambering and climbing, a nice sand pit, and they can even go down the ropeway.

Walk around the park

On the way back to our villa, we take a walk around the holiday park. We always like to check out the entire park for a bit. The first thing we notice is the beautiful green and forested area the park is in. Because the park is not fenced, you can also walk straight into the forests. That really is a cool experience which we have not had before. Besides that, it's very nice and quiet at TopParken Landgoed De Scheleberg, and the happy twittering of the birds gives a relaxed feeling. Besides that, we see many different types of villas. Some are bigger than others, and they sometimes have a spa and/or a sauna in the garden.



As we return to the villa, our BBQ package is being delivered. We already ordered it online while booking the villa. Friends are joining for dinner tonight, so the BBQ service is very handy. Besides delicious pieces of meat and fish, there are delicious salads and baguettes as well. And don't worry, you don't have to bring a barbecue, as a gas barbecue is part of the delivery.

The area

On Sunday morning we decide to explore part of the surrounding area. Even though there are a number of beautiful hiking routes, we decide to rent four bikes and pick one of the beautiful routes through the Veluwe. After a trip of roughly 3 hours, we return to the park and it's time for lunch. On Friday night, I already saw there were some delicious dishes on the lunch menu as well, so we return to the restaurant. The children have a croque-monsieur, my husband always likes a croquette sandwich, and I pick the Mongolian Chicken with fries.

After lunch, the kids would like to go to the swimming pool and playground once more. I stay at the home, where I can peacefully enjoy a good book on the patio for a bit.


Because the kids have to go to school again on Monday morning, we leave on Sunday night. That's not a problem, because we had a lovely weekend. We fully unwound, had great food, and enjoyed the swimming pool. I can only say one thing: TopParken, such a top spot!

Author: van Grol


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