Holiday with teenagers

Going on holiday with teenagers a challenge? Not with these five tips!

On holiday with teenagers

Teenagers always have their own wishes for their holiday, and they far from always match yours. This makes sense, but it also makes it tricky to find a suitable holiday destination you can go to with teenagers. In this blog, we give five tips about what criteria a holiday at a holiday park with teenagers should meet. And we will give away a spoiler: the TopParken holiday parks are suitable destinations for a holiday with teenagers!

WiFi while on holiday

Tip 1 - WiFi at the park

One of the main reasons for teenagers to dismiss a holiday park, is the lack of WiFi. If they can help it, they are in constant contact with their friends to share photos of their holiday, app about what they have experienced, and make the best videos for TikTok. They will immediately exchange contact details with new friends at the holiday park, so that they can meet up to go for activities together. This makes WiFi while on holiday a prerequisite for teenagers, which is why all TopParken holiday parks have free WiFi*, both at the homes and at the park.

* WiFi is only free for the first device.

Tip 2 - Making plans together

Make sure you involve your teenagers when making plans for the holiday. For example, would you like to visit a town, but do your teenagers want to chill at the swimming pool? Come to clear agreements about this, and ensure that it is an enjoyable holiday for everyone. It is also smart to talk about what your teenagers want to do during the holiday. You might arrive at fun activities you could undertake together. An example of a suitable activity is a mountain bike trip through nature. This way, you will combine the desire to get out into nature with an active afternoon for the children.

Holiday park with swimming pool

Tip 3 - Swimming pool at the park

Chilling, making new friends, listening to music: all of these are activities popular with teenagers. Are you going on holiday with teenagers? Make sure to go to a holiday park with a swimming pool or a beach nearby. This way, you can be sure that your teenagers have a place to chill and to have some time to themselves. In the meantime, you can enjoy reading a book at the terrace of your accommodation. In the range of TopParken, you will find 13 holiday parks with a swimming pool. Tip: let teenagers join in when deciding on the holiday park. This way, you can be sure that they will have a pleasant holiday.

Tip 4 - Amusement parks in the area

It might not be the first activity you want to embark on during your holiday, but it is still advisable to see whether there are any amusement parks in the area of your holiday park. Blowing off steam at an amusement park for an afternoon is always a winner. Stay at a holiday park near the Efteling, for instance. Résidence de Leuvert is situated at less than half an hour by car from the Efteling, one of the most popular amusement parks for all age groups. Who is brave enough for a ride in the Baron? Would you rather stay at the Veluwe? If you stay at Holiday Park 't Gelloo, Walibi is just half an hour by car away.

Holiday parks the Netherlands

Tip 5 - Sports and games at the park

Take a close look at what kinds of sports and games facilities the holiday park offers. A kids club with activities like arts and crafts and mini disco? Not really recommended for teenagers. Sports activities such as soccer, basketball, or volleyball however, will definitely be a hit with teenagers. Is there a soccer field or table tennis, for instance? That would definitely be a plus. The TopParken holiday parks offer great sports facilities for your teenagers. This way, they can enjoy some times to themselves and challenge their holiday friends to a game.

Holiday park with teenagers

On holiday with teenagers at TopParken

At the TopParken holiday parks, you will find holiday homes with a separate bedroom for teenagers. This way, they can retreat whenever they want to be alone for a while. On top of this, the TopParken holiday parks have free Wifi, and you will find various sports and games facilities at the parks. Are you booking through this official TopParken website? If so, you will book with the lowest price guarantee

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