Escape Box & Escape Hunt

Feel the excitement of a real escape room

Will you accept an Escape Box or Escape Hunt challenge at one of our holiday parks? The excitement and sensation of an escape room will be palpable when you are trying to solve a mystery from the Escape Box. There is also a special route full of puzzles and hidden hints that you access through QR-codes: the Escape Hunt. Both activities make a fascinating addition to your holiday, which will make your heart beat faster...

Escape Box

€19.95 – Available at the reception

Convert your holiday home into an Escape Room! Make sure that all riddles, codes and hidden hints are cracked in time. The puzzles are hidden in chests and safes. Under lock and key, obviously. Have all chests and safes been cracked? Then enter the 3-digit code to stop the timer.

The Escape Box is suitable for the whole family (6 people at most) and can be hired at the holiday park's reception. Bring the box to your holiday home on a rainy day, close the curtains, and light some candles. Let the blood-curdling game begin... mwha-ha-ha!

Escape Hunt

On sunny days, the Escape Hunt is very popular. Using a special map, you will be looking for those that are hidden at the holiday park. Scan the QR-code, carry out assignments and crack the 3-digit code. Is the assignment a little too hard? Buy a hint for a 2-minute time penalty. Together, you will make it. Go to the reception desk and ask about this unique hunt

Escape box

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