Entrepreneurs work together for Living Care Park De Hartenberg

This week, a catered holiday was offered at Forest Park Ede for a group of inhabitants from Living Care Park De Hartenberg. They and their caretakers stayed at a wellness villa at the holiday park in Ede from Monday through Friday. The stay is offered and catered by TopParken, B&G Catering and Partyservice, landscaping company Versteeg and Grand Café & Cafetaria Forest Park Ede.

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Entrepreneurs work together for Living Care Park De Hartenberg
Entrepreneurs for Living Care Park De Hartenberg

It concerns eight inhabitants with a mental disability and four caretakers of the accommodation named 'Veldmuisstraat 7'. Living care park De Hartenberg is part of 's Heeren Loo. In the organization, staff are committed day in, day out to supporting people with a (mental) disability and their relatives to ensure they can live an optimal life. 

The initiative is a result of the social connectivity between TopParken and 's Heeren Loo. TopParken's management about the initiative: 'As a family company, we can relate to caring for each other. We have great admiration for the inhabitants as well as the staff of Living Care Park De Hartenberg and are therefore happy to offer them a stay at our holiday park each year.'

The accommodation is offered by TopParken. B&G Catering and Partyservice from Harskamp arranged a barbecue and landscaping company Versteeg, also from Harskamp, sponsored tickets to Burgers' Zoo. Grand Café & Cafetaria Forest Park Ede arranged dinner on one of the evenings and, to make the event even better for the inhabitants and there caretakers, René Gorter, park manager of holiday park Estate de Scheleberg, made pancakes. 

During the stay, the inhabitants and their caretakers got to use the indoor swimming pool at nearby Holiday Park 't Gelloo.


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