Donna Italia: an authentic stone oven pizza in just three minutes.

From now on you eat authentic pizzas at TopParken!

New at TopParken: Donna Italia! Enjoy an authentic brick oven pizza at TopParken. It is the ideal meal for lunch, drinks and dinner. But ... it is top quality. The Donna Italia pizza is prepared with the best Italian ingredients, and you can taste it!

Simply enjoy a real Italian pizza

Donna Italia pizzas are made in Italy with the best ingredients and you can taste it! The Italian mimosa dough, the 100% Fiori di latte mozzarella, and the authentic Italian tomato sauce make for a masterful and delicious experience. The use of 100% natural ingredients, makes flavour enhancers, E-numbers, preservatives, and added sugars unnecessary.

Order your pizza at TopParken


Pizzas from Donna Italia can be ordered and picked up at the restaurants in the following resorts.*

✔️ Résidence De Leuvert
✔️ Holiday Resort Het Esmeer
✔️ Parc De IJsselhoeve
✔️ Holiday Resort 't Gelloo

✔️ Landgoed De Scheleberg
✔️ Holiday Resort Beekbergen
✔️ Résidence Valkenburg
✔️ Bospark Ede

*Assortment and pizzas may vary from one park to another.


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