AD: ''New Years Eve without bangs: dog and owner flee to holiday park.''

Algemeen Dagblad - By: Niki van der Naald

There aren't many fireworks-free holiday parks yet. The parks that openly advertise this, are all booked around New Years Eve, as a safe haven for nervous dogs and their owners.

,,You can give 'em a drink or a pill, but I'd rather come here. Truffel goes crazy in your own street. It's like Iraq over there. His heart almost stops everytime he hears an explosion. He goes completely bananas.’’

Truffel is Petra and Rinus Kooij's 4-year old cairn terrier. If you touch Truffel, you touch them. This animal heart really can't deal with all the fireworks in their home village. That's why the couple from Gamere, near Zaltbommel, decided to book a holiday home at holiday park De Scheleberg in Lunteren.

The park presents itself as a fireworks-free area. According to administrator René Gorter, the estate with holiday homes at the Veluwe is already completely booked. It's the first time that this has happened.

,,We've seen a growing interest, thanks to the increasing discussion about fireworks. Last year there were many interested people, now all two hundred holiday houses are booked. And 90% of these guests are people who are coming with their dog in order to escape the fireworks.’’


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