Spring holiday tips

7 times the best family outings during the spring holiday in the Netherlands

Family outings during the spring holiday in the Netherlands

The spring holiday is coming. This means that you can again experience an entertaining outing with the whole family. With a week off there will be enough time for that. And there are plenty of things to do in the Netherlands during this period of the year. In this blog we share our best spring holiday tips . Are you going on an adventure?

Outing 1 - A kids tour on the SS Rotterdam

The SS Rotterdam is a steamer that is waiting for you and the kids in the harbor of the city. Are you ready to go on an adventure on the ship? Then a kids tour is one of the most entertaining outings during the spring holiday. The children receive the Kleine Kapiteinspaspoort that is full of pleasure assignments and exciting questions. Or just go on a quest for Captain Cape. Tip: do you want a weekend, midweek or week away during the spring holiday in the Netherlands ? TopParken Parc de IJsselhoeve is situated a stone's throw from the city of Rotterdam .

Outing 2 - On a city trip

A city trip should not be missing from this list of spring break tips. Go out for a day or opt for a longer stay in one of the holiday homes in the Netherlands near a city. This way you can be sure that you do not have to miss a single highlight. In our offer you will find no less than 12 holiday parks in the Netherlands. Do you opt for a park near Den Bosch or do you prefer Maastricht in Limburg? A nice outing during the spring break in Den Bosch is a visit to the Carnival Museum. Here you will discover the most amazing costumes and cheerful music. In Maastricht, you can board an American school bus for a city tour of all the highlights.

Outing 3 - Escape from an escape room with the whole family

Have you ever visited an escape room? This activity has been very popular in the Netherlands in recent years, and we fully understand why. There are numerous locations that are suitable for children. The activities at these locations are really aimed at the kids. For example, we recommend De Heks van Zoetermeer , a room that is suitable for children by the age of 8 years old being accompanied by their parents. This city is located in South Holland close to the coast and so it's really nice to spend the night in the dunes. For example, between our recreational parks in the Netherlands you will find parks in Noordwijk and Egmond aan den Hoef.

Outing 4 - Just skating

Have you not being able to skate on natural ice again this year? Such a pity, because children often love this winter activity. Luckily there are enough ice rinks in the Netherlands where you can do sports with the whole family. And even though we think about the first rays of the sun and spring when we think of outings during the spring holiday, this is just the time to put the skates on. Many ice rinks close their doors after this holiday.

Outing 5 - On a museum tour

Do you think about an overnight stay in one of our bungalows in the Netherlands ? Then you always have the best outings within reach. You will find many facilities in particular for children at the parks. Think of a playground, sports field and swimming pool. But of course you also want to go out in the area. A museum tour is then a thing you should definitely do. Children learn so much and there are many interactive museums in their own country. That means learning while playing. The NEMO in Amsterdam , for example, is such a museum. Kids can do experiments here and get into contact with a scientist.

Outing 6 - Cruise through the canals in our capital

As a resident of the Netherlands, a cruise through Amsterdam is something you should have done once in your life. The spring holiday is the perfect moment for that. It's not too hot or too cold, and that's perfect for a ride. Through a audio tour you and the children will learn everything about the history of our own capital. A special audio tour is often available for children. They crawl into the skin of a real captain and even get binoculars.

Outing 7 - Poep & ZOO in Amersfoort Zoo

A visit to a zoo is a fun day especially made for kids all year round. But a visit to Amersfoort Zoo is for sure a good tip during the spring holiday. Then you will find here Poep & amp; ZOO. During these days the kids can visit the laboratory in order to learn everything which has to do with animals. This way they wll discover the function of the life of animals.

Do you have any idea which family outing you are going to experience during the spring holiday?

Yes? Combine this entertaining outing with a stay at one of our TopParks. We still have holiday homes available for you and your family during the spring holiday. And can't you choose between all the fun outings during the spring holiday? Just do several and enjoy a top holiday with your family!


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