Farm stores Achterhoek

6x farm stores in the Achterhoek with the tastiest local products

Farm and country stores in the Achterhoek

Vacationing in the Achterhoek is always a good idea. Not only will you get to experience a beautiful stretch of nature in the Netherlands, but you can also enjoy all kinds of delicious local products thanks to the many farm stores. From tasty cheeses to tender pieces of meat: you will find all kinds of delicacies from the region at the farm stores in the Achterhoek. You should definitely take a look inside each and every one of the stores during a cycling tour through the coulisse landscape of the Achterhoek. Are you also wondering where you need to be for the best of the best? Then read on quickly because we will tell you!

Local products Achterhoek

Store 1 - Arink Organic Farm

As soon as you enter the farm store of the Arink Organic Farm, you'll know that going home empty-handed is impossible. Every Saturday from 01:00 PM to 06:00 PM, you can drop by to get to know all the treats that the Achterhoek has to offer. In the store, you can find a wide range of organic products. You can come here for meat and cheese, but you are also at the right place for dairy, bread, wines, vegetables, and fruit.

Store 2 - De Lindeboom

Want to buy local products while feeling good? Then you should stop by De Lindeboom. On this farm, people with a mental and/or physical disability do their very best to make the tastiest products available in the country store. You will find delicious local products such as dairy, farm cheese, free-range eggs, vegetables and fruits from the garden, and apple pies.

Farm store Achterhoek

Store 3 - Weenink Cheese Farm

Crazy about cheese? Then the Weenink Cheese Farm is the place to be. From lavender cheese to pesto cheese: it's a Valhalla for the real cheese lover. You will find the country store in the Achterhoek in an old farmhouse. From jams and cookies to mustard: the products here will make your mouth water. You can also come here for authentic wines from the Achterhoek and gift items that never disappoint.

Store 4 - Smits Country Store

At Smits Country Store, you'll find everything you need to cook a delicious meal. For example, in this farm store, you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, but you can also take a look around at the honey, jam, and strawberry liqueur. These are just some of the products in the assortment because, in the store, you will find many more local products from the Achterhoek. You can also drop by here, for instance, for salads and gift baskets.

Country store Achterhoek

Store 5 - Lerinkshof Tea Garden

Are you ready for a break from your cycling tour? Then take a seat at the Lerinkshof Tea Garden for a nice cup of tea with homemade apple pie. Recharged yet? Don't forget to walk through the store at the Lerinkshof Tea Garden. This is where they sell the tastiest beef. The main focus here is pure enjoyment because you can buy pieces of meat without any added preservatives. There are plenty of choices because, in the store, you can purchase as many as 36 different types of beef. Traditional products from the Achterhoek are also made here, such as Nagelhout and dry sausage.

Store 6 - Oberink Vacation Farm

The last farm store in the Achterhoek that you should definitely not skip during a cycling tour is the Oberink Vacation Farm. In this country store, high-quality beef is sold. You will enjoy the tender meat with every bite. You can also come here for barbecue meat.

Résidence Lichtenvoorde

Staying on top at Résidence Lichtenvoorde

After checking out the best country stores during a cycling tour, at the end of the day, you will be eager to cook the most delicious local produce. And what better place to do that than at Résidence Lichtenvoorde? In your own vacation home with a kitchen, you can conjure up the most delicious dishes. Moreover, this vacation resort in the Achterhoek is located a few kilometers from the country stores and is, therefore, the ideal starting point.

In the accommodation itself, you will enjoy a full bathroom and bedrooms with comfortable beds. You can also enjoy the many facilities at the vacation resort. Among other things, you will find an indoor pool and a fitness room, several bowling lanes and a fish pond. Perfect for a vacation full of fun. What's especially nice is that you can check-in and out every day (with the exception of peak season) and always get the best quality at the lowest price.

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