10 reasons why going on a holiday in The Netherlands is great too

The summer holidays are starting to tingle again!

Despite it only being December, many Dutch people are starting to feel the summer holiday tingles again. Many holiday providers are promoting using early booking discounts on a summer holiday in The Netherlands or abroad.

A summer holiday abroad is great, but can also cause a lot of stress, especially when you travel with (small) children. This makes a summer holiday in your own country the perfect solution, because a holiday in The Netherlands equals an amazing time as well! Why? Read on and discover 10 reasons why a holiday in The Netherlands is a lot of fun.

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Holiday in The Netherlands
Swimming pool at holiday park

10 reasons why a holiday in The Netherlands is great too.

1. You will not have to travel far to your holiday destination.

2. The Netherlands have countless beautiful spots with something for everyone: forests, water, beaches, dunes and hills.

3. You can go on beautiful hiking and cycling trips in The Netherlands.

4. There are plenty of options when it comes to restaurants, amusement parks, zoos and museums in The Netherlands.

5. You will not have to go without delicacies like chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter, licorice and frikandels.

6. The holiday homes in The Netherlands are getting increasingly luxurious and large.

7. Like those abroad, the holiday homes in The Netherlands always have a swimming pool and many other facilities such as restaurants, playgrounds and entertainment.

8. You will not have to deal with a language barrier, Dutch people speak Dutch, after all :-).

9. The Netherlands offer sun, sea and beaches as well.

10. Your pet can always accompany you on holiday.


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Still unconvinced?

Take a look at the video below, and find out how beautiful The Netherlands are.