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Vacations with children in the Netherlands

Are you planning a vacation with your (grand)children in the Netherlands? At TopParken, you and your children will have a fantastic time! The children will have a great time in the playground or on the sports field where they can make new friends on vacation. And all this while you can relax at your accommodation or tent. During your vacation in the Netherlands with your (grand)children, both you and your child will have a great time. You have a choice of no less than 15 child-friendly vacation resorts scattered throughout the Netherlands. All our vacation resorts are located in the middle of nature, but also close to a cozy town. So you can enjoy a nice change during your vacation with your (grand)children in the Netherlands!

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On vacation in the Netherlands with your children

When you choose a vacation with your (grand)children in the Netherlands at TopParken, the kids, and yourself, will have a great time. With the many child-friendly facilities, the children will have a wonderful time. From splashing around in the pool and playing in the playground to playing soccer on the sports field and a great entertainment program, it's all possible during your domestic vacation..

During a vacation with your children in the Netherlands, you will stay in comfortable accommodation. The lodgings can accommodate 2 to 14 people and are fully equipped. Are you taking a vacation on the coast? Building sandcastles and swimming in the sea, the kids will love a stay at Parc du Soleil or Recreatiepark de Woudhoeve! Or opt for a vacation in the Veluwe at Recreatiepark 't Gelloo. Who knows, you might be spotting a wild animal. Wouldn't you rather have a vacation by the water? Also at Recreatiepark het Esmeer, you will have a great time thanks to the many resort facilities.

On vacation with your (grand) children:

🤸‍♀ Play in the playground

💦 Splash in the pool

😁 Make friends on vacation

⛹‍♂ Playing soccer on the sports field

📱 WiFi to relax for a moment

🎡 Cool amusement parks nearby


Discover the surroundings of our vacation resorts

During your vacation with your (grand)children in the Netherlands, nobody will get bored. There is plenty to do both at the resort and in the surrounding area for the whole family. Depending on the resort you choose, you can take the entire family to a wonderful amusement park or cool playground. Who dares to ride the roller coaster over the head of the Efteling or take the steep water slide of Duinrell? Or venture into nature, who will be the first to spot a deer? Do you think your faithful four-legged friend shouldn't be missing during your vacation in the Netherlands with the children? You're welcome to our pet-friendly vacation resorts. Together with your (grand)children and your dog, you can also enjoy walking or cycling in the area. When will you be vacationing in the Netherlands with your children?

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