The Achterhoek

In the easternmost part of the province of Gelderland, you'll find the Achterhoek, including the vast meadows surrounded by hedgerows that are so typical for the region - the so-called bocage landscape. Nature enthusiasts agree unanimously: the Achterhoek is one of the most beautiful regions in The Netherlands! Get on a bicycle and take in the beauty, explore the picturesque villages on foot or unwind from your daily stress at the waterside. So much diversity, that's what makes the Achterhoek great!

There's so much to see and do in the Achterhoek!
Cozy medieval towns where you can still feel history while roaming through the narrow streets. Endless forest walks through a beautiful hilly landscape. Wonderful cycling routes from one vineyard to the next. Cozy restaurants offering the most delicious regional products on their menus. You'll find all of it in the Achterhoek!


Would you like to experience the Achterhoek for yourself?
Get to know our beautiful holiday park in the Achterhoek, Résidence Lichtenvoorde. Found at a beautiful location in the Achterhoek, surrounded by forests and at the waterside. Regardless of the season, and whether you would like to unwind or enjoy an active vacation, Résidence Lichtenvoorde has something for everyone.

In addition to the many activities in the surrounding area, the park itself offers plenty of entertainment as well. The park features many facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant, a bowling alley & a fitness room.

Come experience the Achterhoek!