Vacation homes near Amersfoort

Vacation homes near Amersfoort

Holiday houses near Amersfoort

Renting a holiday house near Amersfoort is always a good idea. This way, you can visit the Utrechtse Heuvelrug during the day and unwind in the evening in your holiday house surrounded by nature. Spend the night on our comfortable box-spring beds so you will be recharged the following day. Browse our vacation rentals near Amersfoort and enjoy all that this city and its surroundings have to offer. 


Enjoying a weekend in Amersfoort

Do you have an unexpected weekend off, or want to get out and about? At our holiday park near Amersfoort, you can really unwind. In the middle of nature, you will find our beautiful holiday park. From our holiday park, you can reach Amersfoort in half an hour and visit various attractions. The advantage of enjoying a long weekend is that you can visit other tourist destinations in the area, such as Soestdijk Palace and the Loosdrecht lakes, the following day. 

Résidence Lage Vuursche

We would love to welcome you to our vacation park in the province of Utrecht. At Résidence Lage Vuursche, tranquility, greenery and privacy take center stage. Rest assured, relaxation is guaranteed in our Lodge Royal Eco vacation homes. These luxurious and durable vacation homes accommodate up to 6 persons. Do you want to enjoy to the fullest? Optionally, you can book a holiday house with private wellness facilities.

Rent a last-minute holiday house

Sometimes, it can be nice to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. For those moments, we offer you a luxurious holiday house on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.  Your last-minute vacation doesn't have to be far from home; even close to home, you can experience that nice vacation feeling. A last-minute stay in a luxurious and durable holiday house at our holiday park in Lage Vuursche guarantees peace and relaxation.

View our holiday houses in Utrecht

Every holiday house at our holiday park in the province of Utrecht promises a comfortable and unforgettable stay. Our luxurious and sustainable vacation homes provide an ideal home base for your vacation. We give you an impression of your luxury holiday house in Utrecht. Want to experience that vacation feeling for yourself? Then book your holiday house at Résidence Lage Vuursche today.

Things to do in Utrecht

From your holiday house at Résidence Lage Vuursche you can easily explore the vibrant province of Utrecht. In the nearby area, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. For example, you could take a hike through the pretty moors, check out the charming Lage Vuursche, or plan a bike ride in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. In the summer months, visit the nearby Loosdrechtse lakes for a day of fun on the water. Opt for a vacation in Utrecht to create enduring and unforgettable memories within the comforts of your own country. 

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Hiking in Lage Vuursche

The wooded surroundings of Lage Vuursche make it the ideal setting for a pleasant stroll. Take a look at our hiking recommendations for Lage Vuursche!

Holiday park near Amersfoort

Résidence Lage Vuursche is the perfect base of operations if you are looking for a holiday park near Amersfoort. Enjoy serenity and privacy in this forested area.