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(Electric) bicycle rental service at Resort Veluwe

The Netherlands is the perfect country for cycling, and at Resort Veluwe, we make it as easy as possible for you to set out by bicycle. You can easily rent a bicycle at our reception desk and enjoy the beautiful area!

  • Pickup from 9:00 at reception (rent at least one day in advance).
  • Return before 18:00 at reception on the agreed day.

An overview of the bicycle rental service:

  • Ladies' en men's bicycles: €10 per day/ €50 per week
  • Elektric bicycles: €25 per day/€125 per week
  • Children's bicycles: €7.50 per day/€37.50 per week
  • Children's seat*: €3 per day/€15 per week
  • Freight bicycle**: €20 per day/€100 per week
  • Electric freight bicycle**: €32 per day/€160 per week
  • Scooter: €8.50 per day/€42.50 per week
  • Kid car, transport cart, dog cart: €10 per day/ €50 per week
  • Mountain bikes: €20 per day/€100 per week
  • Two-person tandem: €20 per day/€100 per week
  • Three-person tandem: €25 per day/€125 per week
  • Lost or broken bicycle key: €15

* Children's seats can only be rented in combination with the bicycle.
** the (electric) freight bicycle can only be rented for a minimum of two days