Resort Lexmond | Holiday park in Lexmond

Resort Lexmond | Holiday park in Lexmond

BBQ service

BBQ service during your vacation

How about a delicious outdoor barbecue? A fresh piece of meat and a fresh salad should not be left out during your vacation. Besides, having a barbecue is just so much fun!

We put together a wide selection, just for you, so there is something for everyone. From our barbecue meat to our barbecue menus, great gourmet meat, a party pan, or a snack stone.

How can I order my BBQ package?

You can order your BBQ package at the park's reception or through My TopParken.


The complete BBQ package is, upon consultation, delivered to your vacation house on a day of your choice. A gas barbecue will be delivered as well.

Please note! If you want to barbecue the next day, then order your BBQ package before 1:00 p.m. 

Enjoy your meal!

BBQ Resort Lexmond